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Welcome to the Telnet BBS Guide

The Telnet BBS Guide is the largest active listing of Telnet accessable Bulletin Board Systems on the Internet! We list Over 400 Telnet accessable BBS and related systems with brief and detailed descriptions, and a downloadable text-version listing suitable for listing on your BBS or for as a download for others to view and use.

Alphabetical Telnet BBS Listings - Brief Descriptions

Listing of over 400 BBS systems, sorted by BBS name. Each listing displays the BBS name, Telnet address, Location, BBS software, BBS theme, number of nodes and if it is a pay BBS or not.

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Alphabetical Telnet BBS Listings - Detailed Descriptions

The Detailed Descriptions list all the data of the Brief descriptions above, plus a descriptive narrative about each BBS system.

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Quick Telnet BBS Listing

A quick listing of all Telnet BBS systems at the Telnet BBS Guide, all on one page.

New Telnet BBS Systems in the last 30 days

Listings of the latest Telnet BBS systems to be added to our database in the last 30 days.

Click here - Brief Descriptions

Click Here - Detailed Descriptions

Downloadable Telnet BBS List

The Telnet BBS Guide offers a downloadable text version of the Telnet BBS list, updated monthly. The list can be used as a "bulletin" on your BBS, or have it as a downloadable file for your users.

The downloadable file includes both brief and detailed BBS listings, and a copy of mTelnet, a free easy to use Telnet client to access Telnet BBS systems. (This file is a ZIP compressed file. If you are unfamiliar with ZIP files, download a copy of Winzip or PKZip.)

Add or Update your Telnet BBS Listing

If you are a Telnet BBS Sysop and wish to have your BBS added, please use our free easy-to-use form and we'll add to our next list.

Monthly Distribution List

If you wish to have a copy of the text version of the Telnet BBS Guide sent to your E-mail mailbox automatically at the beginning of each month, subscribe to our Yahoo Groups distribution list to have a copy sent to you when it becomes available. (Note - this is only for distribution purposes and is NOT a discussion list!)

How to use Telnet to access Bulletin Board Systems

If you have never used Telnet, or have used a BBS system (or both), here is all the information you'll need to get started to use BBS systems on the Internet!

How to Set Up a Telnet BBS

If you are a BBS sysop (or want to be one) and want to set up a Telnet BBS, here is all the information you'll need to start one of your own.

Other Important Information & Links of Interest

Click here - Telnet BBS Frequently Asked Questions

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Click here - About us and the Telnet BBS Guide

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