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Spotlight on the Goddess "" Johanna Stuckey
Goddess and Scholar "" Dawn Work-MaKinne
Ireland's Lost Goddesses "" Siofra Geoghegan


Here and Now "" Patricia Monaghan
Women and Art "" Sarah Bebhinn
Mother Nature, Mother Earth "" Gwyn Padden


Thealogy "" Cyra Akila Choudhury
Queer Spirituality "" Rev. Nano Boye Nagle
Feminist Astrology "" Bellezza Squillace

Women's Health

Wise Woman Tradition "" Susun Weed
Green Witch "" Jennifer Erwin
Goddess-Health "" Karin Witzig

Reader Contributions

Fiction "" Theresa C. Dintino
Photo "" Emmie Laurie Harrison and Rissa Wise
Watercolor "" Angie Bowen

Book Reviews

Non-Fiction in Review "" Madelon Wise
Fiction in Review "" Dahti Blanchard

The Editor's Desk

-- After Despair

Goddess Crossword Puzzle
-- Mystery

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    But as much as modern women (whatever that means) owe to icons such as Gloria Steinem, the first-wave definitions of feminism just don't fit anymore. A generation of girls has been raised in a post-feminist world, one in which our mothers worked, our fathers helped around the house, and we were expected to go out and get real jobs before we got married and had babies. For middle- and upper-middle-class Americans, the old models of an oppressive patriarchy just aren't there anymore—having been replaced by something still too nebulous to define—and the angry words of a generation gone-by ring hollow in the post-sexual-revolution world.    (Adrienne Martini)
MatriFocus, Cross-Quarterly for the Goddess Woman is a seasonal ezine for Goddess Women and others interested in Goddess Lore and Scholarship, Goddess Religion (ancient and contemporary), Feminist Spirituality, Women's Mysteries, Neopaganism, Paganism, Earth-based Religions, Witchcraft, Dianic Wicca and other Wiccan Traditions, the Priestess Path, Goddess Art, Women's Culture, Women's Health, Natural Healing, Mythology, Female Shamanism, Consciousness, Community, Cosmology, Cultural Creatives, and Women's Creativity.
Matrifocal Family "A family form in which the mother, sometimes assisted by other women of the household, is the most influential socializing agent and is central in terms of cultural values, family finances, patterns of decision making, and affective ties." (Hunter and Whitten, 1982)
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