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4th Feburary: I've Updated EVERYDAY! HONEST! *runs*

*cough* Errr, sorry for the severe lack of main page updates folks, been caught up in doing a lot of paid work (not including my full-time job) which kind of takes a bit more priority as it helps pay the ever amounting bills. But I'm pretty much through most of it all and I have a LOT to add to the site over the next 7 days because I noticed that I have a LOT of unlinked to movies sitting on my server for all the Metroid games, so I will make sure that they are at least linked to and the decriptions for the movie contents can come at a later date. I have probably over 100+ movies sitting waiting to go "live", so I can get them linked to very soon indeed.

I've also just bought an extra server for hosting MORE site content (well, at US$34 for a WHOLE year of hosting - which includes 5 gigs of storage and 75gigs a month of extra bandwidth - it would have been rude NOT to!). This brings the total number of servers holding SCU content to 6 (one of which I can still access, yet stopped the payments for last month, which is bizarre). So all these movies will make good use of the site's massive amount of available bandwidth ;)

Finally, if any of you are from the UK/Europe, keep an eye out for this months NGC magazine where I wrote their MP2 guide (as well as their Missile guide in last months issue). There's also another MP2 guide (leaning towards Secret Worlds) out in issue 103 due out near the end of this month. My name's in ultra small print in the contributors section on the first page of the mag. :) Keep an eye out for the first big site content update in a while in the next day or two...

The MIM backlog has 50 copies remaining to be made and posted. This dates back from the 4th of Dec til the 2nd Feb. If you donated to the site between these dates you will recieve your copy of MIM by the start of March AT THE LATEST! I will be frantically ramping up production of the DVD set over the next week or two to clear this backlog once and for all. So bear with me, you WILL recieve it.

21st January: More MIM Posted And I'm Away...

I posted off another 15 copies of MIM yesterday, which was 7 copies to UK destinations and 8 copies to US destinations. The backlog was from the 1st Dec so that's where I'm working from. If you've ordered after that date and you don't recieve your DVD's in the latest batch, then please bear with me as I work through through them all. You WILL recieve your copy asap.

Also, I'm leaving today until Tuesday evening (GMT) as I visit my mum for her birthday in Northern ireland, so I will not be able to reply to any PM's or E-Mails until I get back as the internet cafe I used to go to is no longer there.

However, I did manage a very small update to the main site content, I added the final US ad to the MP2 TV ad section. You can download the trailer in .mov Quicktime format by following the link below:

:: Final MP2 TV Advert

Finally, congratulations go out to our resident wallcrawler Flamy who has managed to successfully skip ANOTHER % in MP2 by skipping the Cobalt translator! This new development requires the abuse of MP2's many Secret Worlds, but it's all entirely possible. The next task is to skip another translator while we're at it. So many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this new discovery and to Flamy for confirming it.

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