Jefferson County Bluegrass Band                                                       

Contact: Doug Hodge
              (608) 752-6321
  • Brian Cate, bass, vocals
  • Chris Faulkner, banjo, vocals
  • Doug Hodge, guitar, vocals
  • Dale Ward, mandolin, dobro, vocals

"The Jefferson County Bluegrass Band brings together some of the most accomplished area veterans of bluegrass music” (Southern Wisconsin Bluegrass Music Association newsletter). Firmly footed in the basic structures, techniques and traditions of bluegrass music, they bring to it their own unique sound. All members are accomplished singers and share the duties. Solid musicianship and tight harmonies have been the source for the band’s success. The Jefferson County Bluegrass Band performs at fairs, festivals, club venues, special events and celebrations throughout the Midwest.

Chris Falkner (banjo, vocals) is a clean, hard-driving picker, and adds a nice balance to the vocals. Doug Hodge (guitar, vocals) has a strong, solid style to his guitar playing and is known for his deep baritone voice. Dale Ward (mandolin, fiddle, Dobro, vocals) contributes great energy to the band with his musicianship and handles a big share of the lead vocal work. Brian Cate (bass, vocals) keeps the band firmly grounded with his solid bass playing, and adds a great deal to the band with his dynamic vocals. Chris, Doug, Dale and Brian all have a great sense of devotion to bluegrass music. They respect its history and are trying to promote a solid place for it in the future. -  keeps everyone up to date on the Wisconsin bluegrass scene