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For $9.95/month:

  • Red Hat 8 & Mandrake 9.1 remote desktops
  • No installation
  • Real-time collaborative desktop sharing
  • AES encryption
  • WebDAV file transfer
  • Native Mac, Linux and Windows clients
  • Email account
  • Ximian Evolution email client
  • Web hosting: html
    and cgi-bin from your workspot





A private, instant Linux desktop
through a browser.
Use it from anywhere.

The magic is a Java applet, an AES encrypted, graphical connection to a Linux desktop. It works through every Java-enabled browser, and through most corporate firewalls. It works through fast native clients too, available on Linux, Unix, Windows & Macs. Transfer files easily to your Workspot, with the secure WebDAV protocol, available on all platforms.

You get a full graphical desktop. It's the real thing:

Workspot gives you a Linux desktop outside your network, from which you can browse, ftp, or ssh. It lets you form a kind of instant VPN. It lets you share a desktop and applications, real-time, with someone on the other side of the globe, or with many people simultaneously. It lets you cut and paste across platforms. It's an invaluable tool. You'll find countless uses.


By subscribing to Workspot
you help our
non-profit project to:

  • create a GPL distribution of the server software behind workspot. See the software we've released so far.
  • create a free consolidated GPL datacenter package for community centers.
  • Build special groupware for running a community center.
  • expand the features
  • buy faster servers (ours are 5 years old).


Workspot News

Workspot Archives

We believe the Free & Open Source software initiatives contributing to the Linux Desktop, which we demonstrate, provide hope for a people-centered future of computing. Here's some of the latest news from Desktop Linux:

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• adds Linspire's Linux desktop to PC lineup
• Linux updates standard, moves to preserve interoperability
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