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All CharityChannel Public Discussion Lists

Below are all CharityChannel public email-based discussion lists. Click on the list name to open a full description of the list.

To view the list descriptions by various criteria, select a view from the "View Discussion Lists By" drop-down box above.

About CharityChannel's Discussion Lists

CharityChannel hosts over 200 public and private email-based discussion lists, all dedicated to some aspect relevant to busy nonprofit/NGO-sector professionals. Indeed, CharityChannel began as a discussion community over 13 years ago.

Each year more than 18 million discussion list messages per year are channeled by our state-of-the-art servers. Driving all that discussion are professional-level, topic-driven discussion threads conducted by tens of thousands of third-sector professionals -- executive directors, CEOs, vice presidents, directors of development, grant writers and foundation executives, annual fund managers, prospect researchers, planned giving officers, special event coordinators, to name a few. While the core of the CharityChannel discussion community is composed of those who work directly for nonprofit organizations, there are large and thriving discussion communities composed in significant part of those who advise nonprofit/NGO organizations, including consultants, attorneys, accountants, etc.

We encourage you to jump aboard one or more discussion lists. To the left is a listing of the public discussion lists. Click on any of interest to learn more about the list, as well as to learn how to subscribe, unsubscribe, set to vacation mode, and so on.

One more thing. CharityChannel uses the honor system regarding the required subscribe fee of $18 for six months or $24 for one year. We ask that you take a moment to learn more and to sign up as a paid subscriber. This modest fee goes a long way toward enabling us to support the tens of thousands of participants on our discussion lists.