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Resources Especially for Webmasters

Browse our collection of useful resources on the Net for Web site developers, designers and page authors:

To add a resource to this directory, e-mail the URL to

Domain Name Searches and Registration

Internet Network Information Center (InterNIC)
You can search domain names online to check whether your favorite is still available, and then file for registration electronically via an interactive form. Background information about this subject and instructions for completing and filing the form are also available there. If the name is available (i.e. no one beats you to the punchbowl), processing takes a few weeks. There is a $50 annual fee, with the first two years payable up front.)

Canadian Internet Registration Authority
For organizations wishing to register domain names with the ".ca" suffix (e.g., here's the place to start.

A simple interface for looking up domain name registrations and availability.

Web Site Development Resources
Offers an easy way for people with limited HTML experience to manage the content of their web sites through a Content Management System (CMS).

Checks the compatibility of your HTML with various browsers, alerts you to page display problems and other difficulties (such as the problems your layout may be creating for screen readers used by the blind).

A great little set of tools that extend the surf and search capabilities of Netscape and Explorer web browsers. Bookmarklets include tools for web site developers such as colour converters, link counters, and word counters. They also offer search features and tools to modify the way pages are displayed for you when surfing.

Designing more usable web sites
A great resource of links to help you make your web site more accessible to people with disabilities.

Designing Universal Web Pages
This step-by-step questionnaire from the Public Service Commission of Canada's Employment Equity Positive Measures Program allows you to gauge your web site's "Accessibility Quotient" against early HTML protocols (version 2.0) to see how friendly it is for people using screen readers or other browser alternatives.

Effective Web Design Considerations for Older Adults
A white paper from Microsoft that offers comments about how to make your web site useful for older viewers. Covers a wide range of topics, including: layout, style, color, contrast, fonts, general usability, accessibility, educating the user, links and resources.

HTML Code Tutorial
A complete guide to creating web pages, with plenty of free tutorials to help even the novice webmaster learn HTML.

HTML Tags Sorted By Navigator Releases
Lists HTML tags supported by Netscape Navigator, and groups the tags according to the Navigator release that made them available. Helps you decide how far out on the bleeding edge you want to take your site.

HTML Writer's Guild
Helps members in developing and enhancing their HTML capabilities; helps users of services determine what they should expect from HTML writers; contributes to the development of the Web, its technical standards and guidelines. If you are serious about Web publishing, join this online organization.

Hypertext Markup Language
A review of the development of HTML, with links to specifications and discussion documents.

Icon Browser
Hundreds of icons. There should be something here to use on your Web Pages.

Imagemap Guide and Tutorial Sites
A directory of Web Sites dealing with authoring and serving of imagemaps on Web Pages.

Use this excellent set of tools to check your web site for browser compatibility, dead links, server reliability, spelling, and load time.

Netscape Table Sampler
A set of examples, arranged as a tutorial.

Netscape Tips on Table Formatting
Provides definitions of the markup tags and attributes required to author tables on your Web Pages.

Netscape Tips on Controlling Document Backgrounds
Instructions for creating color backgrounds, text and links.

Nonprofit Webmaster
This site is targeted specifically at the needs of webmasters for nonprofit organizations, and includes a guide to redesigning your web site without a budget.

Pegasus Web Design Resources
Provides free tutorials in web design, graphic design, and Adobe Photoshop, as well as free website templates, articles, and discussion forums related to these topics.
Provides free online hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy.
Includes Philip Greenspun's tips for scanning photos and adding them to Web Pages, and hand coloring of photographs with Adobe Photoshop.

Privacy Policy Generator
A tool created by the Direct Marketing Association, which allows users to complete a questionnaire and then create a privacy policy statement to be posted on their own web site.

Free form processor that allows you to add forms to your web site without programming.
A free guide on how to choose, implement, and maintain your website's search tools.
A great collection of articles and insights by Jakob Nielsen about how to make your web site more useable. Find out the top 10 mistakes of web design and learn how to avoid them.

Visible Results
A free fundraising database software package designed for direct mail, telemarketing, event, and internet-based fundraising by individuals, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and businesses.

WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind)
Offers all kinds of resources and free tutorials to help web designers make their sites more accessible to people with disabilities.

Weblogs Compendium
Offers all kinds of resources, tools, articles, definitions, and discussions to help you understand the world of blogs or create your own.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
Guidelines from the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] on making your site accessible to people with disabilities or those using non-traditional browsing devices such as mobile phones, hand-held devices, or automobile-based PC's.

A site devoted to teaching you the ins and outs of HTML, java, and all those other nifty little acronyms that make the web work. Published by the folks who give you the print publication of the same name.

Web Developer's Journal
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced web developer, this site includes informative articles, free software downloads, tutorials, and discussion groups for everyone.

Web Diner!
A growing compendium of links to resources for most aspects of website development, book reviews, tips and answers to your most pressing geek questions.

Web Publishing Resources
Created by the University of Oregon, this site offers free online workshops on web publishing and offers a host of other resources to assist even beginners through the process.

Web Wonk
David Siegel's excellent resource for those who are concerned about the visual impact and readability of their Web Pages.

(a listserv for discussion of issues related to use of web sites for fundraising, campaigning, publishing, public relations and other applications.)
To subscribe, send e-mail to, with the subject "subscribe".

Web Site Evaluation Project
This site offers evaluation and design guidelines to enable web sites to be improved as a medium for communicating research, particularly to an international audience.
One of the oldest Web development sites, is about the Web and Webmastery, with information on everything from browsing to authoring, HTML to advanced site design.

WWW Fill-out Forms
A good resource on this subject for novice Web Page authors.

World Wide Web Consortium
An excellent resource for the Web Site developer.

Free Dial-up Internet Access

Can't afford the monthly fees to acces the Internet? Aside from logging on at your local library or community centre, there are now a few companies offering free dial-up access to the Internet. Be aware that, while these services are free, you may be required to use a browser that shows advertisements continuously or volunteer to have your web use tracked. You may also have to pay long distance charges if there isn't a local dial-up number.

Free Web-based E-mail Services

Tired of sharing one e-mail address with the rest of your office? Sign up for your own private web-based e-mail account. You'll have to put up with advertising, but they're all free.

Free Web Site Hosting

At last count, there were more than 400 providers of free web sites. Rather than list them all here, we've linked to, a searchable guide to all of the free site providers that are out there today.

In almost all cases, the size of your free site is often restricted to 10MB of space or less and you have to put up with advertising. However, most services offer development tools to help get your site up and running quickly.

Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia
Offers free web hosting accounts and services for Canadian breast cancer groups and organizations.

Free Groupware and Calendaring

Excite Communities
Includes threaded discussions, group scheduling, contact management, document sharing, and chat rooms. Free and private.

Take it Offline
A free instant personal discussion space that's a helpful way to continue discussion among a small group.

Offers free private and interactive tools for hosting group discussions, calendaring and more.
A free online meeting place where you can share ideas with colleagues in a private setting.

Yahoo! Clubs
Offers chat, message boards, calendar, and more. You can create a listed or and unlisted club, depending on the level of privacy you require.

Free Database Software/Tools

Access Web
A collection of hundreds of tips and useful pieces of information to help programmers and database developers who work with the popular database program Microsoft Access.

Without any database or programming experience, this free site allows you to create and manage web forms and searchable databases.
Dan Cooperstock's free DONATION program is used to record donors and donations, and issue charitable receipts, for your church or charitable organization.

Free Survey Tools

Survey creation wizard automatically sets up your own survey question with answers - you just cut and paste the html code and place it in your web site.

An online tool to create surveys to question people.
Allows you to create web based online surveys or questionnaires that can be displayed to your target audience.

Insiteful Surveys
Easily create Web site surveys, customer and employee satisfaction surveys, consumer surveys, market research surveys, email surveys, internet surveys, concept surveys, simple forms, and other surveys that you can customize exactly to your needs right from your Web browser.

Opinion Power
Makes it easy to collect the opinions of your friends, employees, or the whole world. All you need is a web browser and an email address.

Survey Monkey
Enables anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily without having to download special software.

Zoomerang allows businesses and individuals to easily conduct professional-grade surveys and gather and analyze the critical feedback necessary to make important decisions.

Web Site Marketing Resources

Advertising Media Internet Center
A good source of information about advertising and the Internet.

Computer-Mediated Marketing Environments Home Page
This excellent resource is brought to you by Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak, two of the Internet's best-known and most highly respected researchers. This is the place to check the latest thinking, research, and marketing approaches related to the Net. Often has some good information about Internet demographics, traffic measurement, etc.

Guerrilla Marketing Online
Tactics, marketing success stories and much more.

Search Engine Watch
News and information about search engines. Find tips on how best to conduct searches and how to achieve the best search returns from your own web pages.

Submit it!
Submit your URL to the major search engines individually, or all at once.

VALS Home Page
Good information about the demographics of the Web audience from SRI International.

Web Marketing Today
A free, bi-weekly e-mail newsletter from Wilson Internet Services. Often a source of good ideas about web site marketing and advertising.
An Internet marketing resource guide featuring helpful links and information for marketing a web site using free tools and services.

Website Awards Worksheet
A huge list of links to web site awards. Bulk up your trophy case by hunting down some of these prizes.

Legal and Security Issues

The Copyright Website
A good source for copyright information. If you have questions about using digital, audio or visual materials, you'll find useful and clearly explained information here.

Copyright Clearance Center
A good overview of this important subject. If you are confused about the citing or use of material on other people's Web Sites, you'll find all of the answers here.

Virus and Virus Hoax Resources

Computer Virus Myths
Frequently updated information about the latest hoaxes and viruses.

Hoax Busters
In addition to describing hoaxes and chain letters found on the Internet, this site discusses how to recognize hoaxes, what to do about them, and some of the history of hoaxes on the Internet.

Symantec's Anti-Virus Resource Centre
An excellent starting place to search for viruses and virus hoaxes by name. Updated regularly.

Widespread Virus Myths
Learn more about viruses from this site and how they can (and can't) destroy information on your computer.
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