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Xbox / Review / Hulk
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Publisher: Universal Interactive
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Teen
Graphics: 4.0
Control: 3.5
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1 of 15 screens
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Posted: 06/09/03 [view screens]

Apparently, it takes more than bullets and mutants to harm Hulk—it takes poor camera work, uninspired gameplay, and endless throngs of boring, repetitive enemies. But that would probably destroy anyone.

Three Hits—ANGRY!
Hulk’s first game since the 16-bit days is a derivative and thought-free smash-em-up that tiptoes on the coolness line but always manages to land in the realm of the lame. While smashing through walls, tossing cars, and beating up tanks with your fists as the nigh-invulnerable Hulk is a kick at first, fighting wave after wave of the same enemies quickly gets old. One of the game’s “features” is baddies that endlessly respawn at certain points, giving you the “choice” to continue the game or just stand around and fight. This would be cool, but sitting there and fighting the same robots, mutant claymation dogs, and bright-blue kung-fu mini-hulks over and over becomes an exercise in controller-tossing frustration. The few brief Bruce Banner stealth levels seem obligatory and poorly thought out as they mostly consist of crouch-walking through a few rooms, flipping a switch, and thereby winning.

On the upside, Hulk looks pretty cool, its sound is awesome (with the voices of actors from the movie, including Eric Bana), and there are some unique combat moves, even if you’ll likely never use them. Destroying stuff and hitting people with heavy objects is cool, too, but it gets old faster than Chow Yun Fat in Bulletproof Monk.

(Not So) Jolly Green Giant
Some gamers, especially hardcore comic book fans, might enjoy the chaos and destruction Hulk can deliver. Most folks, though, won’t care if Hulk is angry—they wouldn’t like it either way.

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