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The Léman Region

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The Léman region is situated in the heart of Europe. Its international character, rich history and important economic development make it a privileged domain.

The beauty and serenity of its countryside, evoked by so many poets and famous men, have always attracted many tourists from the entire world.

The boats of the CGN take an important part in the development of the region. They offer tourists as well as local residents an opportunity to discover its myriad chams, while gliding across the Léman "inland sea" in an aura of calm and relaxation.

Lake Léman
With its volume of 89 billion cubic meters, Lake Léman is Europe's largest body of fresh water.

The "king of Europe's lakes" has 167km of coastline and an area of 582 km2, three-fifths in Switzerland and two-fifths in France. Its main tributary is the Rhône, rushing down from the Valaisan glaciers and through the lake to Geneva, where it flows out.

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