Election Commission of India

Election Laws - Manuals, Handbooks, Orders


Handbooks February 2004 Editions

Handbook for Returning Officers (pdf) Handbook for Presiding Officers (pdf) Handbook for Counting  Agents (pdf)

Handbook for Candidates (pdf) Handbook for Polling Agents (pdf) Handbook for Electoral Registration Officers (1993 edition) (pdf)

To view old Editions of Handbooks for Counting Agents, Polling Agents, Candidates, Presiding Officers,  Returning officers and Electoral Registration Officers visit our Handbooks Archives section.

Manual Of Election Law

Volume I  Volume II  (pdf)

To view, extracts from the constitution of India, acts of parliament, rules And Orders Under The Constitution, Law Relating To Removal Of Disqualification, Statutory Rules And Orders, Statutory Orders visit our Manual of Law  (old edition) section.

Landmark Judgments

Volume I     Volume II      Volume III  (pdf)


Frequently Used Forms    Non-Statutory Forms     Statutory Forms Under Conduct Of Election Rules 1961 


Compendium of Instructions of Conduct of Elections    (pdf)

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Orders and Notifications

To view various Orders and Notifications of the Commission, please click here