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Personal and Professional Projects--The Model C, D, and F Wireless Power Transfer Devices

Autonomous Robotics--The Sydrandria Algorithm

The Hydrogen Steam Hybrid Fuel Cell



Europe Pics



On-line chapbook featuring the poetry of Kim Kasey


Just added: Movies of the first tests of the Model 'F', April 2004. See here.


Welcome to Paradox Technologies, a new 21st Century company. Our motto is: "You Dream It, We Build It". Have you ever thought about building a wireless power device? How about a hydrogen fission/fusion reactor? Or perhaps a shielding array for a space vehicle? How about a replicator? A "hover" bike? Contact us and let's talk about what you would like to see produced. We have a talented staff of engineers bent on changing the face of technology. We can also help with the provisional and final patent procedures. What can we do for you?


Author's Note: Well, here we are, another year. A lot has transpired for us here at the company and lots of changes are coming. I am traveling to Prague to resume teaching but plan to still maintain this site. I can still be reached via email but it may take me a couple of days to return communication. I may not be directly reached by ICQ until Spring 2005 but will do what I can to answer your questions. Later in the spring the company will be tackling some difficult projects such as our hydrogen fuel cell and wireless power distribution networks. I anticipate we will continue to amaze our customers with our unique research and look forward to working with new customers as the word about the company spreads. Cheers!


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