Stellar Neck Chain Holsters

North American and Freedom Arms 22 LR and the 22 Magnum "Mini-Revolvers"

This is our most popular "concealment rig" to date. Simple in design. This little holster keeps your North American or Freedom Arms 22 LR or 22 Magnum "Mini-Revolvers" hanging securely in a nearly horizontal angle under your shirt or blouse ready for action! They are ambidextrous so work and print minimal for right or left handers.

The famous "Stellar Kydex lock" eliminates the need for straps or snaps. You simply grasp the grip and yank down and out of the holster. The gun can even be fired from under the shirt - in a true "life of death" situation. The shape of the gun holds it in place in our custom fitted rig. To re-holster, simply snap back in. draw after draw. Year after year. Always the same, smooth, reliable Stellar action. In your choice of:

Ambidextrous Neck Chain Holster - 22 LR $30.99

Ambidextrous Neck Chain Holster - 22 Magnum $30.99

Kel-Tec P-32/3AT

We are very pleased with this model. For those "upgrading" (or thinking of upgrading) from P-32 to P3AT, this will hold either.

We are veryu

Neck Chain Holster - Kel-Tec P32/3AT $45.99

Also available for some folding knives!

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Andre M. Dall'au

Add a Tuf Cloth to your order for only $8.99 ($9.99 for Marine Grade)

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