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Welcome to the Sky Interactive Developers' Programme (DP)     

The Sky Interactive Developers' Programme is the primary mechanism to foster, educate and support a community of developers and content providers, and to encourage development of new services for deployment on Digital Satellite in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The Developers' Programme delivers a range of services to member organisations to assist them to rapidly acquire and develop the expertise required to build and successfully deploy online interactive services or other browser based applications.

Services for Members
Membership in the Developers' Programme provides access to a flexible range of services designed to assist members to quickly gain expertise on the platform, and to successfully bring their applications to live deployment. It is designed to support both the development of shrink-wrapped products and individual services.

Guest Membership
Free registration provides access to introductory information and a variety of materials to help members learn more about the capabilities and benefits of the platform.

Contact Mirage Islam for further information.

Full Membership
Full membership provides all the documentation, information and platform access privileges required to start developing WML based services. Additional services including accreditation, clinics, referral and consultancy are available to full Developers' Programme members.

Accreditation Programme
A key initiative within the Sky Interactive Developers' Programme is to provide accreditation services to its members.

Accreditation has four levels:
  • One Star accreditation requires successful completion of a formal waptv platform training course. 'One star' accredited members gain access to telephone support services.
  • Two Star accreditation requires completion of a co-development agreement and provides access to the 'clinic programme' where members gain direct access to expert Sky Interactive development staff to help fast-track their proof of concept service development efforts. 'Two star' accredited members are also eligible for inclusion in the referral programme, and can access consultancy and sales support services where required.
  • Three Star accreditation is for members involved in the development of a live commercial service, or the creation of a "Shrink-Wrapped" product that is compatible with or supports the platform. Three Star members are eligible for inclusion in the referral programme, and can access technical and commercial Sky Interactive resources where required.
  • Four Star accreditation is the highest level of accreditation, and is reserved for members that have successfully deployed browser-based services live on the Digital Satellite platform.
Clinic Programme
The clinic programme allows member organisations' development staff to directly access the expertise of the Sky Interactive development team. This provides a valuable way to fast-track application development and to maximise knowledge transfer.

Referral Programme
Accredited members become eligible for the Sky Interactive referral programme, where Sky Interactive may, at its discretion, introduce to accredited members potential clients wishing to deploy services on the waptv platform, and requiring skilled partners or products to assist them. The programme will also introduce member organisations to other relevant Sky departments where appropriate, as well as put forward services to be included in the SkyActive portal.

Consultancy Services
Accredited members can also access Sky Interactive expertise to assist with their own technical and commercial presales, development, integration and implementation efforts. Consultancy services are flexible according to individual requirements, and can include access to Sky Interactive documentation, research, market intelligence, and representation of Sky Interactive staff at client meetings if appropriate.

Joining the Developers' Programme
Joining the Sky Interactive developers Programme couldn't be easier.
Simply call Mirage Islam on +44 (0) 207 941 5067 to register your organisation's name and contact details, and we'll help you become a Guest Member.

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