How Kenny Destroyed, Ravaged And Exploited The Eat

Trash Monkeys Hit The Big Time

Kenny's New Scanner

Stagger Down Memory Lane With Jim Johnson

The $296 That Will Live In Infamy

The Flyer Graveyard

Eric Moss- Kenny's New Sock Puppet?

More Flogging A Dead Horse Photos

Even More Flogging A Dead Horse Photos

The Greatest Painting In The History Of Art By Michael

The Eat was humanely put to sleep on January 12, 2001, because of museculo-skeltal problems relating to the infirmities of their advancing age. When these problems began to aggravate the laminitis in their right forelimb, humane euthanasia was elected, rather than allow them to suffer.

There is no condition of human misery which cannot be made infinitely worse by the arrival of a policeman - Brendan Behan

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Kenny believes that because he has been in The Eat for 17 years he can treat it as his personal plaything. Join the forces united to stop Kenny and return The Eat to its rightful owner, Chris. It is now known that Glenn, Eric Moss and Jim Johnson were behind Kenny all the time. Glenn's pipe dream web page is scheduled to appear as soon as Glenn can remember his user name.
How Kenny sees The Eat

Walter's New Eat Page Rules

Young Guys

Best of Miami?? The Eat Make Their Oeuvre Easy

"I can't pull a rabbit out of a hat and put Sandy Koufax in a Marlins uniform," Manager Jim Leyland said before the game. "We have to improvise."

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