High Performance Rubber-Toughened Epoxy and Epoxy/Polyimide Systems for AdvancedComposites

Amine Free

No Volatiles

Fast Curing


1. Low viscosity for room temperature processing

2. Excellent fiber wetting and bonding

3. Anhydride based systems amine-free for a safer workplace

4. Polybutadiene rubber modified for true toughness

5. Suitable for RTM, Filament winding, pultrusion,
tooling, wet laminating, etc

6. Variable cure cycles, times and temperatures

For a 240°F system based on difunctionalresins, the cure may be between 15 and 45 minutes. With novolacs, a 1-2 hour post-cureat 340°F is necessary. For higher performance laminates, a second post-cure at440°F for 2-4 hours is required. One system hardens at room temperature and curesto 240°C for high-temp tooling.

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