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Coming to a campus near you...
The Realities of War National Speaking Tour
On campuses around the country this fall young people will be gathering to learn about and discuss the reality of the war on Iraq and its connection to the struggles of youth and students in our high schools, colleges and communities.

Come learn about and discuss the Realities of War:
A panel will present on the following four topics:
In Iraq
Returning veterans, military families and civilians who have traveled to Iraq will share their experiences and discuss the devastating reality of war in Iraq and the conditions on the ground for our troops and the Iraqi people.

In our high schools
Young activists and high school students will discuss the militarization of our schools, the impact of military recruitment on high school students and the targeting of young people of color and working class youth through the "poverty draft."

In our universities
Student government leaders and activists will talk about the on-going budget crisis on our campuses and the impact of the war economy on funding and access to higher education.

In our communities
Learn about the impact of war on our communities and discuss the links between the war and the attack on our civil liberties, the targeting of Muslim, Arab and immigrant communities and the repression of dissent.

Speakers from the following organizations will be participating in the speaking tour:
Black Voices for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Veterans For Peace, Muslim Students Association, National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth, National Youth and Student Peace Coalition and Peace Action.

Realities of War is a national speaking tour organized by the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition - sponsors of the historic Books Not Bombs national student strike of March 5th, 2003 and the Books Not Bombs Youth Convergence Center held during the Republican National Convention this summer in NYC. NYSPC is organizing around the country to take back our future and build the Books Not Bombs agenda for youth and students.

If you are interested in bring the Realities of War National Speaking Tour, follow these links:

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