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PS2 / Review / Futurama
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Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Developer: Unique Entertainment
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Teen
Graphics: 3.5
Control: 3.5
Click here to view Futurama screens!
1 of 27 screens
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Review by: Pong Sifu
Posted: 08/13/03 [view screens]

While not the best platformer in town, Futurama manages to sidestep the peg-warmer status usually reserved for licensed games with a fun mixture of addictive action, tough obstacle course maneuvering, and actual wit. In the game, you play three characters from the show, each with unique methods for clipping waves of space-age enemies: pizza-delivering poindexter Fry with laser rifles and shotguns, robot rummy Bender with spinning attacks, and cyclopean fist of fury Leela with lip-busting flurries of punches and kicks. Series creator Matt Groening reportedly oversaw the game's production, and barring frame rate stutters, a smooth blend of pseudo hand-drawn and computer animation combined with dead-on vocal work provided by the series' cast makes the game look and sound incredibly like the cartoon.

Space Invaders Need To Do Laundry, Too
But the game is not just a mere pandering to the toon's fans. The developers have managed to craft an enjoyable if lightweight ride here. Levels are short and sweet, backtracking and lever pulling are kept to a minimum, enemies are aggressive without being frustratingly tough, and the game moves at a solid pace. Then again, Futurama is not without its flaws, either. While button ninjas will find its platform leaping and jumping puzzles refreshingly challenging, those who aren't as hop-savvy and prone to controller chucking may want to invest in a replacement Dual Shock 2. Unfortunately, the occasional camera spazz-attacks don't help matters much, either.

You've Got a Future Around Here
Futurama had a large cult following, and in many ways, it lives on through the game which logically progresses its look and feel. Fans should find the game a temporary salve for post-cancellation blues. Those not enchanted with the show won't be missing out on much by skipping it.

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