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PS2 / Review / Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
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Publisher: Lucasarts
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Teen
Graphics: 3.5
Control: 3.5
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Review by: Fennec Fox
Posted: 01/08/03 [view screens]

Over the years, LucasArts has released seemingly thousands of Star Wars games---some quite good and some very, very bad. The Clone Wars, a PS2 port of the GameCube original, bucks this trend by being simply average.

Set after Episode II, The Clone Wars' single-player campaign encompasses 16 missions across six different worlds. Each mission plants you in the middle of a large landscape and charges you with the usual action-game tasks---fending off enemy attacks, escorting a supply transport, and so on. This fairly boring business is made a little more exciting by the vehicles your Jedi hops in and out of, from tanks and gunships to the more familiar (and Jedi-like) speederbike.

The game features some pretty graphical touches here and there (you gotta love the wobbly antennae on the tanks), but the landscapes are very drab, and the slowdown and frame drop are outlandish in spots. The camera has some issues, too---it spins wildly whenever you hit something in the air, thoroughly disorienting you in the process.

Sounds disastrous, right? Well, it mostly is---except for multiplayer, The Clone Wars' only saving grace. Besides the usual deathmatches (which let you choose vehicles---a nice touch), there's Conquest, a sort of real-time strategy mode where you capture outposts and use them to build support units. All the modes are brilliant fun, and they make The Clone Wars worth at least a rent for Star Wars geek parties all by themselves. Just don't bother playing it alone.

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