Car on corduroy bridge somewhere in northern Ontario circa 1920s

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This site is designed to give you, the visitor some fun, facts, and insight about why and how Ontario's transportation system developed as it has.

Being able to get from one place to another is as basic to the social-economic fabric of modern Ontario in the 21st century as it was for the native peoples and settlers of Upper and Lower Canada 200 or more years ago.

Long before Europeans discovered Canada, the original landowners had developed an intricate web of trails, portages and water routes. Our native peoples used these routes for the purposes of trade, commerce and warfare. As Europeans arrived in the 16th century they utilized the same routes for the same purposes. Early surveyors and road builders in many instances, routed their roads along age-old trails used by the native peoples because they were well-sited.

From time to time stories exemplifying history highlights of Ontario's roads and transportation will be posted according to season, interest, whim, and circumstance. We think you will like them. Publications should contact the author regarding the reprinting or purchase of stories.

We would be pleased to exchange information with anyone who can assist us with sources or background in our research about Ontario's historical native trails, including maps.

We would also like to exchange information with those who have an interest in Ontario's historical roads and highways, including photos and maps if available. Limited background on the topics listed on the site can be supplied tit for tat -- or for individual requests -- a small handling fee to help defray the costs.


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