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-Winslows is much better (i hope you dont choose that)
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> Yoper Linux Manifesto
1. Yoper will always make a fully functional and free version of the Yoper OS available to users.

2. Yoper is committed to continuing the overall improvement of ALL open source versions of Linux.

3. Where possible, the enhancements developed for Yoper will be released as Open Source Software.

4. Yoper is a commercial venture, and a commercial grade of Linux.

5. Any revenue streams developed to make Yoper into a profitable commercial venture will NOT go against points 1, 2, and 3.

6. Yoper is a free yet commercial version of Linux, enhanced by Yoper members with the input of, and for the benefit of all users.

7. To help another user is the most honorable thing to do as a Yoper user and/or Yoper Team Member.

> Donate to Yoper Linux

The Yoper servers are
generously hosted and sponsored by
>  Yoper. YOUR high performance Linux.
Yoper is a high performance operating system which has been carefully optimized for PC's with either i686 or higher processor types. The binaries that come with Yoper have been built from scratch using the original sources combined with the some of the best features from other Open Source Linux distributions (distros). However, Yoper is not like general purpose distros such as Redhat or Mandrake. It is a high performance Desktop OS. It is compact. It resides on 1 cd-rom. In fact, Yoper is also one of the most standards-based environments in the Linux community! You will find hardware performance as good or better than that of any commercial OS.
Learn more   

> Yoperwiki online
Posted by TobiG - 01-31-05 12:46 - 5 comments
The Yoper team is happy to announce the official Yoperwiki available at:


Never heard about Wikis? Take a look here

The whole idea is to collect important information for users to be always available in an easy to read manner. It is completely opened means ALL OF YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE. Or just trying to find valuable information.

So far we have:

The Windows to Yoper Conversion Guide
Guide to configure multimedia keyboards
The Yoper Installation Guide
+ other interesting information as well.

Do you want additional info, tell us!

Your Yoper Team
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> Yoper is looking for Open Source developers
Posted by yoper - 01-25-05 23:46 - 0 comments
Hello Community

Yoper is in its basic form undertaken by one person. A one person effort can yield only so much success and one person has only so much time to dedicate to the backend maintenance of a distro. All the issues we are experiencing at the moment are due to the fact that this is still in its simplest form a one man distro.

This needs to be changed or we all will suffer the consequences. If you or a person you know fits this profile and wants to join this very exciting Linux project, please contact Ali Mohammad at ali@NOSPAM.yoper.com with your resume. A selection of our developers will be employed by us as soon as more funding is available to have your fulltime commitment to Yoper valued and remunerated accordingly. Only people with a successful Yoper track record will be eligible to such paid jobs.

We currently are looking for developers to help us take Yoper to the next level.

Specifically a must have is:

- CVS knowledge.
- RPM building skills.
- Shell scripting skills.

Additionally to that, specialist developers are needed with

- Prior knowledge of working within a Linux distribution.
- C++, QT, QT-embedded for application and installer development.
- C for general Linux work.
- PHP for website scripting.
- General OS building skills.

Our team is based around the world, currently mainly consisting of people helping with this forum and some packaging. All the other areas of development need your help.

We are looking forward to your applications original.gif
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> Yoper Pre-Release ISO
Posted by yoper - 01-22-05 11:50 - 0 comments

I am happy to announce the Pre-Release ISO of 2.2.

Note: This is not the release. But a Pre-Release.

It is freely downloadable from one of our mirrors or directly from us: ftp://apt.yoper.com/devel/yos-kde-i686-2.2.0-6.iso (MD5SUM: ad5788d20284a633c6b42c7f66c48378)

You can also download it via BitTorrent using our torrent file at http://apt.yoper.com/torrent/yos-kde-i686-2.2.0-6.torrent

Please use the mirrors or torrent, since you will surely get faster downloads that way than when using our main server and more bandwidth is available through those methods.

Amongst the new feature set are Linux kernel 2.6.10, Gnome 2.8 and KDE 3.3.2 and in addition to the resizing of NTFS based partitions during installation. Not only that, but for NVIDIA users I hope to have been able to sort some bugs out and give you out of the box hardware rendered translucency and shadows. For others you get just Yoper as you know it. NPTL support and 2.6 headers makes our distro future proof and we have a good base to work on for the next year.

Support for a wide variety of Image Scanners and the GPL version of Nomachine (http://www.nomachine.com) are also included.

Please change the sources.list to point to the testing repository and ONLY use the testing repository or most certainly your system will be broken. I have warned you. The repository is still being updated with more packages that I am adding, so expect lots more stuff being compiled soon for testing since server 2 is online and accounts to our compile masters are going out this week. Your /etc/apt/sources.list file should include only this line:

rpm ftp://apt.yoper.com/yoper testing testing

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have while geting it ready for release. I sure am happy
about Nvidia's great Linux support and hope you buy many cards ..... or flame others for their poor 3D and X rendering support. original.gif

Screenshot attached from my home system, please right click and open in new window to see.

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> Yoper V Series 2.1.0 Release Announcement
Posted by yoper - 08-25-04 05:32 - 1 comments
August 25th, 2004
New Zealand

The "fastest out of the box" OS, YOPER Linux V series, continues its global climb with the next stable release of V2 tagged 2.1.0, a powerful OS built upon the proven speed technologies that have made its predecessors famous.

Known to be a commercial strength Desktop Solution at 0 cost, this release provides the power user with many new features, encompassing REISER4 support for the root filesystem, new non-destructive NTFS resizing, graphical partitioning, option to use GRUB or LILO bootloaders, a new clustered control panel, KDE 3.3.0 Final, Linux Kernel, default Firewall and the OpenOffice.org Office Suite, all provided on 1 CD. The default "look and feel" has been enhanced and many bugfixes have been applied, including PCMCIA support during install and support for PPPoE.

Hundreds of new optimised software packages have also been added by the Yoper Team. They are all available for free download via the APT/Synaptic Yoper repository. All the attributes of Linux in combination with unparalleled speed, superb security enhancements and international language support, have been integrated under one remarkable Operating System.

Stronger. Better. Faster. It must be Yoper!

The ISO can be downloaded using our torrent or from one of our download mirrors.

A full list of the packages included in Yoper can be found here.

The Yoper Development Team
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> Forums will be down for 30 minutes due to upgrade
Posted by TobiG - 01-22-05 13:39 - 2 comments

if you experience a downtime of the forums within the next 6 hours don't be scared. Expected downtime is 3 p.m. - 3.30 p.m. GMT+1

We're going to upgrade IPB software.

Your Yoper Team
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> Yoper 2.2alpha needs you.
Posted by Fabian - 01-4-05 23:06 - 12 comments
The new yoper test repository to go from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 is

rpm ftp://www.yoper.com/yoper testing testing

put this into



killall kdm
#log in as root
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

As user please report bugs to this post in the forum.


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