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Police Attack at York University

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Peaceful protestors at York University today, gathered to speak out against the unjust inauguration of US President George W Bush, were brutally attacked by Toronto Police and York Security Officers. Members of Autonomy & Solidarity were on the scene, and have been working hard to put together some independent coverage of the events as they went down. Watch the A&S; website story here for more info, including video and audio on this story.

toronto anarchistU classes start this week

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Classes begin on the week of January 17, and go for approximately ten weeks. for more info click here (anarchistU.org)

Class Outlines


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4 January, 2005 - 01:00
announcing a Toronto area action/events list:

a newswire for radical activism and culture that is Toronto specific. if you live (or are involved with groups that organize) in the city, please post/share information about your activities here.

to subscribe come to http://masses.tao.ca/lists/listinfo/toronto

P2P Review of the Year 2004

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For all the 'downloading' everyone seems to do... here's a year in review with some of the P2P activism that's been going on, legal battles, and more.

http://slyck.com/news.php?story=633 for story with LINKS

December 31, 2004, Michael Ingram


The year kicked off with conflicting P2P statistics, which meant that the P2P community was both growing and shrinking. The most advanced research was presented in October by the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis, which showed a continuing steady increase in traffic courtesy of BitTorrent.

No Surrender: A Book Launch for David Gilbert

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11 December, 2004 - 01:00

PARC (Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre) 1499 Queen St. West
No Surrender: A Book Launch for David Gilbert

An evening of solidarity and resistance to celebrate the release of: "No Surrender: writings from an anti-imperialist political prisoner"

A founder of Columbia University Students for a Democratic Society, and a veteran of the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War Movements, David Gilbert joined the Weather Underground Organization in the late 1960s. After more than 10 years of clandestine resistance, in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and Puerto Rican national liberation movements he was captured in the course of an armed action in 1981. David has been a revolutionary political prisoner, continuing his work as an AIDS activist, organizer and author from behind the prison walls.

OCAP Housing Takeover

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We Need your Support to Takeover and Open-up Housing this Week!
Come out this Saturday ready to spend the weekend

Saturday November 13th
Meet at All Saints Church
on the south-east corner of Dundas and Sherbourne

oat drive failure

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oat.tao.ca has suffered a drive failure, we are currently in the process of restoring data from backups and attempting to recover the data from the failed drive. most services are down, please be patient.

UPDATE, as of 11/11/04 at about 5pm:

there has been a serious meltdown of the entire home drive on the oat server. at the moment, we have mostly restored a backup from roughly three months ago.

we expect you should be able to login to the oat server again by the end of the day.

Please note:
> when you login you will notice that your last 3 months of mail is missing, as well as any web or other data in your home directory. at the moment we are attempting to recover that missing data. we consider the already recovered data as an interim solution. we want to be clear, that while we will work around the clock to get everything back, the outlook is bleak. we are also consulting with other techies we know and soliciting their help to find a solution.

ASCII Evicted Again

Announcement | Europe | TechActivism | word from the streets
The ASCII squat, a free public internet space run by hackers and
activists in Amsterdam, is getting evicted at this moment by the local

ASCII was set up recycling old computers and using only free software
(GNU GPL) to bring broader access to technology for the populace.
ASCII is a collective of free and autonomous thinkers, technically and
politically aware hackers and free software developers.

The current location of ASCII, Kinkerstraat 92, is not the first nor
the last place where hackers struggle for redemption from merchantile
agendas speculating on technology and its accessibility by the populace.

Penguin Day Toronto: Free Open Source Software for Nonprofits

linux | TechActivism

20 November, 2004 - 09:30

215 Centre for Social Innovation --215 Spadina, north Queen Street, suite 120
Penguin Day Toronto links non-profits leaders, activists and socially
responsible techies for a day of question-asking, knowledge-sharing and
networking about the potential of Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS)
for non-profit organizations.

Whether you're looking for software that can change the world or just
want to find a way to get rid of all those nasty viruses, Penguin Day
will expand your knowledge of how F/OSS applications can help
non-profits. It will also provide you with a chance to help refine the
vision and vocabulary which are guiding the civil society + free
software movement that is emerging all around the world.

Toronto Anarchist Bookfair 2004


23 October, 2004 - 10:00

519 Church St Community Centre

Welcome Party Friday 22 Oct 2004

* Arriving in Toronto early?
* Visit Uprising Books and Infoshop, 6 Kensington Ave
* In Kensington Market, a fresh food marketplace
* Inexpensive places to eat and drink

Bookfair Saturday 23 Oct 2004

* From 10 am - 4 pm
* At the 519 Church St Community Centre
* Introductory workshops at 519 Church
* and at This Ain't The Rosedale Library, 483 Church St
* Potluck suppers on Saturday evening (various locations)
* Movie Saturday night (presented by NEFAC)

More workshops on Sunday 24 Oct 2004