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GameCube / Review / Enter the Matrix
Enter the Matrix
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Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Shiny
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Teen
Graphics: 3.5
Control: 2.0
Click here to view Enter the Matrix screens!
1 of 9 screens
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Review by: Four-Eyed Dragon
Posted: 05/23/03 [view screens]

The prospect was eagerly anticipated. The wait was unbearably long. But the game that is the supporting crutch of the much-hyped Matrix film sequels unfortunately doesn't live up to the achievements that were predicted for it. Enter the Matrix, instead, offers a frustrating look into the deeper meaning of rushing a game to the masses.

Enter the Matrix's concept works like a charm. Weaving between the game and the movie's story line via Wachowski-filmed cut-scenes, its plot connects the wild and complex tale of The Matrix into one seamless adventure. But somewhere along the way, someone forgot to implement the core of any action game: comfortable controls. More often than not, controlling the game's characters, Ghost and Niobe, causes your fingers to stumble as you try to unload bullets, muster the cool-looking Focus skills, and sidestep enemies all at once. Sadly, you can't preset the button configurations to your own liking, and even worse, the camera angles constantly zoom into a poor view of the action.

Compared with today's games, Enter the Matrix's visuals are shoddy at best. There's poor collision detection, wonky character animations, and second-rate in-game cut scenes, which all combine to make the game feel like it needed much more programming polish before it was released. The only shiny spot in Enter the Matrix is the deafening soundtrack, complete with fantastically orchestrated music and outstanding voiceovers.

If you really want to better understand the entire Matrix story arc, rent the game and then use a cheat code to unlock all of the cinematics---don't play Enter the Matrix through its entirety.

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