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PlayStation / Review / Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
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Publisher: Eidos Interactive
ESRB Rating: Teen
Graphics: 4.5
Control: 4.0
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Review by: Dan Elektro
Posted: 01/01/00

Gex returns for another round of TV and pop-culture skewering--but despite plenty of exploration and strong visuals, the third game in the series starts to feel like a rerun.

Remote Patrol
Gex retains his super-spy persona from last year's Enter the Gecko, but this time he's got a partner: Agent Xtra, played by Baywatch beauty Marliece Andrada. When Xtra gets Rez-napped, it's up to Gex to brave the Media Dimension once more and save the girl.

This time around, Gex parodies Greek myths, Christmas specials, war flicks, Clint Eastwood, The Wizard of Oz, superheroes, MaFIa movies, Sherlock Holmes, pro wrestling--even Crystal Dynamics' own Akuji--donning 25 outFIts along the way. Most of the game's 34 levels resemble the last game: You collect icons, complete speciFIc goals (such as "Visit the world's largest mound of poop"), battle sub-bosses, and earn remotes. There's more interaction with environments, plus special levels where you can ride donkeys, tanks, and snowboards or play as other characters like Rex and Cuz. Unfortunately, that doesn't add much; the side-games are mere distractions from the main task of tail-whipping enemies and collecting endless icons just like Gex did all through the last game.

A Shiny New Coat
Gex 3 certainly looks pretty, featuring clean lines and particularly cool reflections: Ice, metal, and water textures will catch your eye. The adjustable camera can't always keep up, however, and tends to make you queasy. Smooth, responsive control makes movement easy. There are plenty of smart-mouthed quips from comedian Dana Gould, who provides Gex's voice, but some of the jokes are too obscure (anybody care about Eva Gabor's wig fridge?), and some rehash old territory (didn't we get our FIll of Shining jokes last time)? But when Gex is on, you'll snicker. Meanwhile, Marliece Andrada does her best to look like Emma Peel, but she has the acting range of an orange peel. She's little more than curvy eye-candy.

Gex 2.5?
Don't doubt that Gex 3 is fun to play. Fans of the platform hero will enjoy the multiple hours of action. But the focus in this sequel is on addition, not innovation--which is FIne, but Gex 4 will need more. GRAPHICS 4.5 SOUND 4.0 CONTROL 4.0 FUN FACTOR 4.0

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