Boycott Netflix - They Send Spam

When we bought our DVD player in late 2001, there was a Netflix ad pasted onto the box. "Clever advertising program," I thought. I checked out their service, liked what I saw and signed up for it. I've been fairly happy with it.

In early April 2002, I noticed a spam email from Netflix promoting their service, sent via some spam-mailing company ( I think). It was sent to an old email address I haven't used publically for three or four years, so I knew I wasn't sent this particular email because I was already a customer.

I poked around the net a little bit and discovered the Netflix founder and CEO is Reed Hastings, the founder of Pure Software. I sent him an email telling him I didn't think a publically held company should be swimming in the gutter with the porno merchants and MLM sleazeballs. I said if it continued I would cancel my subscription and do what I could to discourage others from using their service. I never heard back from anyone at Netflix. I let the matter drop. A couple days ago (late May 2002) I noticed another Netflix spam, cancelled my subscription and updated my electronic signature to refer to this web page.

The fact that Netflix spams me probably wouldn't have mattered so much except for the following points:

Skip Montanaro
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