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N64 / Review / Gauntlet Legends
Gauntlet Legends
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Publisher: Midway Home Entertainment
Developer: Midway Home Entertainment
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Teen
Graphics: 3.5
Control: 4.5
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Review by: Ash
Posted: 01/01/00 [view screens]

The phrase "Blue Wizard needs food, badly" and dozens more just like it haunted the dreams of gamers everywhere after the release of the original Gauntlet. After Gauntlet Legends was cast down into arcades, it was only a matter of time until it battled its way onto the consoles. The N64 version makes for a heckuva good time, but even with the expansion pack the graphics suffer.

Don't Shoot The Food
The gameplay doesn't get much more base, in terms of ease and enjoyment. You pretty much kill anything that moves, grab the power-ups, gold and food as you run through gauntlet after gauntlet to defeat the Demon Lord Skorne.

The point-and-shoot control takes a bit of finesse to make your shots with accuracy, but beyond that, it's a scramble-fest as you avoid the bad guys' blows and maneuver in to take out monster generators and grab the goodies. You can soup-up your character after each level, and then save it to a memory pack for retrieval or porting it to a friend's house.

Playing with up to three buddies will kill an afternoon (or an evening, or an overnight) before you even know it. Just be sure and play characters of differing colors, otherwise you'll be constantly struggling to figure out which elf is who.

The Graphics Aren't "It"
Unfortunately, the graphics on most levels are shoddy compared to the arcade version - not a crime in itself, but some areas are too dark to see what you're doing and others threaten to make the eyes bleed with the lack of clarity. It's also annoying that you can't "plug in quarters" when you're getting low on health. You'll have to wait until everyone else finishes the level and then continue from there. Bummer. Surprisingly, the game never suffered any slowdown, even with four characters exploding magic in all directions. The sound effects are as fun as the original, with crazy commentary abounding.

A Legend?
Die-hard fans of Gauntlet will especially want to own this game, but it's also a great one for gamers who love the idea of intense multiplayer action. It doesn't get much better than wasting line after line of grunts with a group of friends.

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