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Version: 0.0.1
Author: Ingo Ruhnke  
Category: Game-related Utility Rate this game yourself!   Average of 0 Ratings:(not yet rated)

Flexlay Screenshot A flexible 2d game editor

Flexlay is a generic 2d game editor. It currently supports multilayered tile- and object maps, full undo/redo, support for tile-brushes, easy copy/paste, multiple buffers, minimap support, a metadata editor and some other stuff usefull for creating levels for 2d games.

Supported games are SuperTux, netPanzer and Windstille.

License: free

Additional System Requirements: ClanLib-0.7-CVS, Guile

Sound: Play in X: Play in Console: Multiplayer: Network Play: 3D Acceleration: Source Available:
no yes no no no yes yes

If you try this software, don't forget to come back to this page and rate it!

Submitted by grumbel on 2004-05-04.

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  Compile error posted by James Gregory @ on May 5 2004 1:58 PM  
ClanLib/Core/core_iostream.h: No such file or directory

I have ClanLib 0.7.7.

There are only directories, not files, inside my the ClanLib/Core directory:

IOData/ Math/ Resources/ System/ XML/

  Re: Compile error posted by grumbel @ on May 5 2004 2:16 PM  
You need ClanLib-0.7-CVS or ClanLib-0.7.8 (once that released).

  Sounds good posted by kabutor @ on May 5 2004 12:28 PM  
Sounds good the map editor, but I have a few questions:

Can it work with a 2D isometric game?, I suppose yes, the tiles are 2d anyway, alsa the CVS clanlib makes me back off a bit, is possible to download a static compiled version?

And the last thing is this from the website: " Flexlay can't be run on its own, but instead of you have to start it via wrapper scripts " what are those wrappers? can i use this for my own project not related to any of the supported ones?

  Re: Sounds good posted by grumbel @ on May 5 2004 1:11 PM  
I'll provide a static binary in the next days and maybe a Win32 build too. About the isometric stuff, no, not at the moment, but should be easy to add, and it will come sooner or later.

About the wrapper scripts, Flexlay itself is basically just a frame-work, its not an self contained editor in itself, but it provides script bindings to generate menus, buttons, windows, tile-layers, etc. So if Flexlay is started up it reads a script file that creates all the menus, windows and such, these scripts are game specific, so that each game can gets its own fine-tuned editor.

  Re: Sounds good posted by Anonymous @ on May 5 2004 1:54 PM  
What type of script are we talking about? Are you talking about a configuration script, or python/ruby/whatever script? Iím interested since a friend of mine and I started developing an RPG, and we could use a good editor.
  Re: Sounds good posted by grumbel @ on May 5 2004 2:19 PM  
Real scripting, current it uses Guile, but addional support for Python or other scripting languages should be possible if needed. The binding code itself is all generated by Swig and there are only a handfull of other spots in the code where the scripting language itself matters.
  Re: Sounds good posted by Anonymous @ on May 6 2004 7:19 AM  
Documentation and a Python wraper would be grately apreciated. I don't know scheme, so Guile would be something new fore me to learn, and I just don't have the time. Btw. Nice app, I played around a bit with the Super Tux version and liked it :)

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