Sonya Fehér

Sonya Fehér performing
Photo by David Huang

2000 Team Member

Hear this poet:
   Approaching the Anniversary of Your Death - Sonya Fehér
   Risk - Sonya Fehér
   What's Rennet? - Sonya Fehér

Your Name: Sonya Fehér

Born (place and year): Embudo, New Mexico. 12.22.70

Day Job: Graduate Student

Formative Childhood Experience: Spilling milk down my chin every day in kindergarten.

Your Interests include: Women writers, my nephew Kobe

Last Book Read: Blessing the House by Jim Daniels

Ambition: To make a living with writing in some form

Recent Accomplishment: Learning to write grants

Prized Possessions: My books and my car

When you started Slamming: Summer '97

One-sentence description of your Slam style: Confessional

Influences (poetic and otherwise): Mike Henry, Natalie Goldberg, T.S. Eliot

Favorite Slam Poet: Patricia Smith

Favorite Cartoon: Space Ghost

Favorite Episode of M.A.S.H.: The Movie



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