The 1997 Austin National Slam Team

Wammo, Susan B. Anthony Somers-Willet, Phil West, and Genevieve Van Cleve

Clockwise are Wammo, Susan B. A. Somers-Willet, Phil West, Genevieve Van Cleve, and Coach Mike Henry (not pictured).

Austin places 7th out of 33 Teams!






Slam, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am: Handicapping the Slam Team Poets
- article about our 1997 Team by Brett Holloway-Reeves (Austin Chronicle)

My Slammer Vacation
Phil West's Diary of the 97 National Slam, with TONS of pictures!

Sign for Tina's Fine-Ass Lingerie
Susan, Genevieve, and Marc Smith outside Tina's
Susan and Genevieve with Slam creator Marc Smith outside
Tina's Fine-Ass Lingerie in Middletown, CT.

Logo for the 1997 National Poetry Slam

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