Austin Poetry Slam Council

The Austin Poetry Slam has been in operation since 1994 when it was run through the Electric Lounge. The first Austin Slam Council was elected in October 1999 as an organic, democratic body of equal voices. The members of the inaugural council were Dillon McKinsey, Woody Baldwin, Aaron Sanders, Hilary Thomas, Phil West, Mike Henry, and Sonya Fehér.

The APSC is in charge of the Austin Slam’s mission, vision and overseeing its operation.

Mission Statement: The Austin Poetry Slam is dedicated to honoring the Austin community by providing and promoting poetry and its performance in a manner that engages, challenges, celebrates, and supports both artist and audience.

Raising Our Voices is a branch of the Austin Poetry Slam programming dedicated to increasing the participation of underrepresented groups in the Austin literary community.

The current ASPC is
Mike Henry, Executive Director
David Hendler, President
Krissi Reeves, Secretary
Tony Jackson
Sheila Lewis


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