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The Chamber’s Agenda for Jobs
A Plan to Grow Jobs, from Pennsylvania’s Job Creators

There’s been plenty of talk about economic development to spur economic growth and create jobs in Pennsylvania, but there hasn’t been enough action to make it happen.

Pennsylvania must enact real reforms to its business tax structure, health-care system, legal system and labor laws in order to jump-start economic growth and job creation.

The Chamber’s four-point Agenda for Jobs reflects input from more than 9,000 Pennsylvania employers – the true experts in job creation. Our plan is a bold alternative to the short-term programs and revenue-neutral tax plans of the past.

  • Enact real, effective changes to our business tax structure

Pennsylvania’s antiquated and burdensome tax laws hinder businesses’ ability to create jobs.  We urge across-the-board reforms and reductions in business taxes in order to stimulate economic development.  Any tax plan that’s "revenue-neutral" and simply designed to shift taxes among job creators does nothing to improve the collective business community’s ability to create jobs.

  • Ensure health access for employees

Rising health-care costs interfere with the ability of the business community to maintain existing jobs and to create new jobs. Businesses need to be able to offer necessary, appropriate and effective health-care benefits to their employees. 

  • Continue to reform Pennsylvania’s costly legal system

The high legal costs paid by Pennsylvania employers stunt the Commonwealth’s economic growth and job creation.  We need to inject fairness, common sense and personal responsibility into our courts by continuing to reform our antiquated legal system. 

  • Make Pennsylvania’s labor laws more cost-effective

Pennsylvania labor laws present a significant obstacle to creating jobs when we are compared to other states. Businesses support efforts to reform the workers’ compensation system and unemployment compensation program to put our cost structure more in line with competing states.

For more information, call the Chamber's Government Affairs Department at 717-720-5454.


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