Dr Christian Puritz

Dr Christian Puritz joined the school in 1970 and has served the school for the magnificent spell of 31 years. He has held sway in room 34 which has become his own, and the end of the Gym block corridor will never be the same. He has customised it with photographs and posters and has even gone to the expense of having it painted. He has been well known for his hard (for boys and staff) puzzles and his encouragement for boys (and their parents and staff) to try out his posers with non-standard methods. There were even chocolate prizes for good solutions. In addition he was instrumental in setting up the lunch time drop-in sessions that we have (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays) when senior boys can come along for help from a group of Maths teachers. Dr Puritz has been a valuable resource for other members of the Maths department. Various of us have approached him with a tentative "I’m sure it’s easy, but how do you prove/find ..." and the answers were shortly forthcoming. His notebooks are legendary — he meticulously records the results of his reading and ideas for teaching.

In addition to his teaching he has been active in various extra-curricular options. He has worked hard with the table tennis club and of course with various Christian activities. His deeply felt beliefs are well known and he has not been afraid to discuss them and to present assemblies based on them. He put a lot of effort into the organising of the school photographer’s sessions, collating the results into the useful rogues’ gallery, first by hand, then by computer and latterly on CDRom.

He will be long remembered in the staff room for his discovery of a pair of scissors. With due solemnity at a staff meeting he announced that he had lost a pair of scissors. He had also found a pair of scissors but they weren’t the same pair. He is known as a scholar publishing articles in the Mathematical Gazette and on a more mundane level he has supplied the MEI organisation with solutions to some of their exams.

Christian Puritz has been ready to talk to individuals and to help them. He will be missed as a character and a warm human being. We wish him well in his retirement with his wife Cynthia. D.M.B.