Old Boys’ Notes

ALLKINS. A (1993—99) Alan was a member of the University College, London, team in the 2000—01 University Challenge series.

AMIN. S (1967—74) Shahid works as a local GP at Lynton.House Surgery opposite the Rye in High Wycombe. RGS.pupils attend for work experience and Shahid teaches.undergraduate medical students from Imperial College.School of Medicine, Charing Cross and Westminster Medical.Schools. He is now providing complementary medicine.services to relieve stress such as teaching sedation.techniques, stretching and body massage ... just the thing for.coping with a hectic lifestyle!

ARNOLD. G (1962—68) After boarding at School House,.Geoff graduated from Essex University in 1972 and went into.the computer business. He moved to the USA in 1981 and he.has lived in the Boston area ever since. He has been in touch.with Peter FRASER (1961—69), now living in Leicester,.John HENDRY (1965—69), now on the staff at Birkbeck.College in London lecturing in management, and John.HUGHES (1961—69), who had a congenital heart defect.and died in Brighton about ten years ago.

AUSTIN. C (1969—76) Chris currently works as a part-time occupational therapist in a community mental health team inTruro, Cornwall.

BAGULEY. J (1985—91) Joe is the European Consulting Manager for the NT division of Quest (formerly FastLane), a.company providing tools for the Microsoft platform,.specifically migration and management tools for NT4/.Windows 2000. He lives in High Wycombe with Amanda and.his daughter, Jana Louise — born 5/9/2000. Interested in.getting in touch with anyone who was in the ‘class of 85—.91’, especially those CCF type people who used to hang out.with Jo Power and him in the armoury on Thursday.afternoons..

BANHAM. M J (1943—52) Martin recalls his cadet service.at school, where he rose to the rank of Flt Sgt, and remembers.his first parade in that rank when he proudly marched out to.the CO, but forgot to salute him. The CO saluted him first,.just to jog his memory! His only other claim to ‘airworthiness’.was when as senior NCO he had to demonstrate the new.glider, and this on Inspection Day. The machine was.propelled by teams hauling on ropes (elastic), but he kept the.stick firmly down and the craft sped along at about 2 feet,.before ploughing a furrow to the edge of the cricket pitch..His subsequent career was not in the military sphere!.He is now Emeritus Professor of Drama and Theatre.Studies at Leeds University, having served 10 years as a.lecturer at what is now the University of Ibadan, Nigeria..He continues strong links with African universities, and his interests extend to African theatre. His youngest son works for a college on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, which means that Martin and his wife can travel to all the wonderful game parks. His last Christmas present was a flight around the mountain, and he was allowed to handle the 4-seater plane!

BECKET. A R (1966—73) Andrew lives at Prestwood. His business is the cabling of exotic computers in far-flung places. His office is in High Wycombe but he is usually in motion en route for elsewhere.

BECKET. G A (1935—40) Gerald laid his last brick thirty years ago and has spent most of his time since as Hon Curator of other people’s money — mainly at the Parish Church. Proud ancestor of six grandchildren.

BECKET. H A (1964—71) Henry continues in his own advertising business. Resides in Tewin Wood (Herts) and near Royan (Charente-Maritime). Also operates from offices in London and Jaguar B4 XJS.

BECKET. N S (1975—79) Noel is a master mariner.established in Southampton as a sea-pilot — a novelty for the.RGS? He (and his wife) achieved twins five years ago..

BEES. R (1981—87) Robert thinks that Mr Claye, his old.Business Studies teacher, will be amused that a lad who.managed only a D grade at A Level, now owns and runs his.own company in the United States. Robert and his wife.Marianne live in Fairfield, Connecticut. He has been in the.US for about 8 years and he serves as President of.Soundshore Technology Group, a company founded by him.and his partner. They provide a computer networking service.to small and medium sized businesses and employ 5 people..41.

BROWNE. P H (1969—77) Peter joined the RAF straight.from the RGS in 1977 and on his retirement in 1996 became.a civilian ground-school and simulator instructor at an RAF.base in Lincolnshire. He was surprised to find that a fellow.instructor, whose desk abutted his, had also been at the RGS..John TICEHURST was never very good with dates, but he.seemed to think that he left the RGS in about 1957 and also.joined the RAF straight away. They often chatted about the.school and some of the teachers who had taught them both,.despite the 20 year gap. Unfortunately, a heart attack ended.John’s life in April 2001..

BURNETT. J P (1983—89) Jake is now Head of English at.an international school in Hong Kong. He has enjoyed his 5.years there. He recalls days at RGS when he was one of the.unruly and unkempt students, so now he can sympathise with.Malcolm Cook! He keeps in touch with John BURKE,.Stephen BAKER, Jason BANKS, David LEWIS, Robert.EVANS, Danny CALLAGHAN, Simon BRYANT, and.Chris GRIMMOND..

BURNS. J (1970—75) John recalls his time in School.House, after which he joined Mobil Shipping as deck officer.apprentice, gaining his second mate’s certificate in 1979..He then came ashore and has been involved since with.electronics and computer systems covering radar, charts,.navigation, and satellite and radio communications..Following the merger of Exxon and Mobil, he now works for.the merged company with its 25 strong fleet of tankers..

BURR. B W (1928—34) Brian continues to enjoy retirement.at his home in Portsmouth. He travels often to France. After.service in the RAF 1936—46, he joined the Inland Revenue,.and retired as Inspector of Taxes in 1981..

CHUTER. R A (1980—86) Richard is in his third year of.teaching at Caldicott School, Farnham Royal, after a 5 year.stint at the RGS and 2 and a half years with the Met Police..He has recently got engaged to Natalie and will marry in.December..

CONWAY. J (1988—94) Jake sends a photo of his 1996.Westfield SE, 1600 CVH-engined sports car; a powerful.looking beast! He is at Pi Research, involved in electronics.and data logging for all racing cars from karting to Formula.One. He is with Dan BRYARS (1988—94) and together they.introduced a new product ‘Sigma’ to the Champcar market..Other former RGS students with Pi Technology are Jonathan.DORMAND (1989—95) and Jon A JONES (1984—88)..Jake spent some time with the Williams team as they tested.the new BMW engine in 1999, and is now the main Pi.contact for all the electronic hardware for Williams, BAR,.Arrows and Jaguar. He hopes to attain senior engineer status.soon..

COSTER. M (1991—97) Martin, rejected by vet school in.England, has finally made it. He has been accepted by.Colorado State University’s professional vet programme, a 4.year course leading to Doctor of Vet Med..

COULON. M D (1966—73) Marius has recently taken over.as county commandant of the Bucks Army Cadet Force, with.the rank of Lt Colonel..

COX. D A E (1939—45) David spent his first 2 years after.RGS as a pupil teacher, on the advice of Boss Tucker, and then.went on to Culham College. He held various teaching posts in.the Wycombe area, and was Headmaster of Frieth School.1962—66. His final post was as Head of Park County Middle.School, Hazlemere, from 1966 until retirement in 1989..During his 23 years at that school, he was a parish.councillor, being Chairman for 4 years, and remaining as.Vice-Chairman until now. Upon retirement, he became a.District Councillor, and in May 2000, became Chairman of.Wycombe District Council..

DAVIES. D (1976—82) David is the youngest of the Davies.clan, Michael, Peter and Paul being the other 3. Degree in.Agriculture, 5 years’ financial Management Consultancy, 5.years working for a software house in Agriculture. Since then.working for Torex Health, a software house in the Healthcare.industry. Married to Rhona, no kids, 2 dogs and lives in the.Malvern Hills. Still sailing all over the place — now in an.International Contender. Stopped rowing when he left school.but now regularly kills himself on Concept II, ergo at home.racing people all over the world over the Internet..

DEAN. J R (1984—90) James joined the Royal Navy after.school, and undertook a 2 years’ training course at Dartmouth,.during which time he sailed on various vessels in the North.Sea and the Baltic. He was commissioned in December 1992,.and 9 months later started a degree course at Plymouth.University. His latest posting is as Captain’s Secretary aboard.HMS Marlborough in the Gulf..In his last year at RGS he was captain of hockey, and.continued to play for the RN. He has run successfully in the.London marathon. He now lives in Portsmouth..

DODDS. O (1991—97) Oliver received the coveted green.beret after completing 30 weeks of the most gruelling training.to become a Royal Marine Commando. He remarked that the.sense of achievement was immense, and that it was a.wonderful experience in which he had made many friends..

DONALD. L (1990—96) Luke continues to make headlines.in the golf world. At the British Open in July 2000, he had an.exciting eight under par 63 for the qualifying first round, and.although he did not make the final rounds, he ended up with a.better score than many experienced professional players. He.is currently studying for a degree at the Northwestern.University of Chicago. Johnny Miller, the renowned NBC.golf analyst, watched his own son being beaten 5 and 3 by.Luke in the US amateur championships, and declared that he.had never witnessed such an awesome round! Praise indeed..

FERGUSON. M R (1956—63) Michael gained his MA.from Jesus College, Oxford, and then taught English in.Germany 1968—71. Since then, he has continued to live and.work in Germany, and is Editor/Project Manager with a.company publishing school books..He wonders why an excellent school like the RGS does not.accept female students, bearing in mind that his college along.with most Oxbridge establishments have benefited from.co-education. (This one passed to the HM. — Ed).

GARRIDO. D L (1992—96) After taking GCSE David left.the RGS to attend Eton. He recently entered a competition.seeking future talent in the fields of journalism, comedy.writing, and presenting. He won the BBC award for Sports.Journalism. This will lead to a 6 months’ contract with the.BBC in 2002..

GERRARD. A (1991—97) Alastair was captain of the.University College, Oxford, team in the 2000—01 University.Challenge series, which reached the semi-finals..

GREEN. G E (1940—46) Geoffrey met up with 6 of his.school chums during 2000, 3 of whom he had not seen for.over 50 years! He heads his letter "O dies septem mirabiles"..He had a visit from WA (Wag)

GRAINGER (1942—46),.who has lived in Killiney, Ireland, for over 30 years. Then 6.of those who had lived in Beaconsfield met up at The Crown.in Penn — DJ SAUNDERS (1936—41), AK BERRY.(1937—42), GA HIPGRAVE (1937—42), PB SAUNDERS.(1939—44) and BEH BUCKINGHAM (1940—45). There.have since been 2 Hipgrave and 1 Buckingham sons at the.school. The lunch was both liquid and verbose, with much.hilarious talk of schooldays and masters. An annual reunion.is planned — certainly not a 50 years’ gap!.

HOLLINGSWORTH. P (1967—74) In March 2001 Peter.was involved in the process of closing Tetra Pak’s operation.at Stockley Park, with most people transferring to their.factory in Wrexham. As a result he is setting up as a freelance.Financial Director and he is looking forward to the new.challenges that will bring..

HUDSON. N (1988—94) Nick left the RGS to study.Biological Sciences at Imperial College, London. After.2 years he realised that he did not want to spend his whole.life in a white coat studying worms, so he left to work for.Marks and Spencer Head Office in Baker Street. Showing.amazing business foresight, he saw the dangers facing M and.S and after a few other jobs with BBC Worldwide and BMG.Music Publishing, he is now working for Warner Music UK.as a Commercial Analyst. It is a glorified Management.Account’s role but with all the perks of meeting the artists,.going to lots of gigs and award ceremonies and having.champagne poured down his throat on an all too frequent.basis. He loves it! He lives with his girlfriend in fashionable.Notting Hill..

HUXLEY. M (1958—64) Michael spent 15 years in.accounts, then another 12 in electronics, the peak of which.was working on the Anthrorack project with the European.Space Agency, NASA and Aerospatiale. He now works from.home as a journalist and publisher..

JOHNSTON. I A (1957—63) Ian writes that he has moved.from Hope Valley to Kirklee, Glasgow. He gained his.doctorate after BSc and PhD at Birmingham University, and.has held various senior posts in the Civil Service. He has also.published in numerous academic journals..

KAPE. P R (1950—56) Peter now lives in Canberra ACT,.having resided in New Zealand since 1977. Does anyone.remember him and his brother John?.

KEELING. S (1984—90) Simon, now North-Keeling, lives.in Towcester, Northants. He married Sarah and they put their.names together to become the first North-Keelings.(allegedly). He enjoys golf, motorbikes, wreck diving, aikido.and watching rugby. Simon manages an EMEA business unit.for BMC software..

KILLINGLEY. J P (1959—66) Julian lives in Yorkshire.and is a senior lecturer in American public law at.Birmingham. Having read law at Hull University, he.practised as a solicitor for 15 years, before gaining an MSc in.IT Human Factors at Loughborough. Whilst in Oklahoma.recently, he met up with former school friend Bob DILL,.who also chose law, and now practices in Norman, OK..Is also in touch with John ROBINSON..

LAMBOURNE. D M (1989—95) Daniel was at.Birmingham University for 4 years, and gained MEng and.AMIEE. Whilst there he captained the chess first team for 3.years. He has now moved to the Worcs/Warks border to work.with a bespoke programmer of accounting systems..

LEWIS. J (1974—80) James writes that he has moved from.Oxford to Monarch Beach, California. He has formed Oxford.Semi-conductor Inc, a US subsidiary of Ltd, which he.founded in 1992. They design and market niche application.integrated circuits for computers and peripherals. Rapid.growth is being experienced. He enjoys receiving his copy of.the OB magazine, and keeping up to date with all the news.and events at school and of Old Boys..

LIPPIAT. J D (1987—93) Jonathan is a Molecular.Physiologist at Oxford University. He is currently researching.the properties and roles of potassium channels (proteins that.form pores in cell membranes) that regulate insulin secretion,.blood pressure and release of transmitter substances from.neurones. He records these potassium currents from native.cells, or cultured immortalised cells that have been.engineered to make proteins from cloned DNA. He is a.consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry..

MOORE. D G (1983—89) David was the first RGS student.to read Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at St John’s,.Cambridge. He then moved to Dublin to do a Master’s in.Anglo-Irish literature at Trinity, and thereafter was in Kansas.for a year, followed by 1½ years in San Francisco. He is now.back in Dublin, free-lancing and riding mountain bikes!.He remains in touch with Charlie THOMAS, Gareth.SELLORS, Simeon THORNTON, Tony CHAMBERS and.Shomit DUTTA..

MUIR. R (1992—98) Ross rowed in the winning Cambridge.crew in the Oxford—Cambridge Lightweights’ race at Holme.Pierpoint..

PILLIDGE. A C (1971—76) Andrew lives in Surrey, and.recalls his years in School House, the many friends he met.there, and is glad to see so many familiar names on the.website. After his time at Cambridge, he joined a.pharmaceutical company, and is now Business Initiatives.Manager with Boehringer Ingelheim. He recalls his worst.moment at school was getting caught on a midnight.swimming jaunt by John Skipp, and his greatest triumph was.a climb to fix an object on the school bell!.

REAR. P E (1949—57) Peter writes from Lichfield that he is.still heavily involved in consultancy. He recalls his struggle.with Maths at school, and wonders how he managed to work.for an actuarial firm for 35 years! He was sad to learn of the.death of Mrs Wilson, who along with Bert Scott gave him.extra valuable teaching in the subject..He remembers that for much of his time at school, the day.42.

REISS. A (1964—70) Tony joined Procter and Gamble after.Oxford and an MPhil at Reading. He learned the art of.marketing and then joined Coopers and Lybrand as a.marketing consultant. He became one of the first marketers to.become a Managing Director of one of the leading City law.firms. He lives in Wimbledon with his wife and two.daughters. His work as a management consultant involves.coaching partners in professional service firms and he trains.others in how to be an effective consultant..

SANSOM. K G (1954—62) Dr Keith writes from London that.he has definite proof of two boys appearing twice in the 1962.school photograph, and sent in a dog-chewed copy to prove his.claim. The fleet-footed lads were Bill HOWLIN and Jim.FOWLER. Keith has been a company director for many years,.both in Sydney and in London, still enjoys sailing and travel,.and has had a number of research papers published..

SAUNDERS. K (1991—96) Ken went to Leeds University.to study Spanish and Media Studies. After graduation he.started working at a Hi-tech PR agency and has since moved.to another consultancy — Ruder Finn UK, part of the global.PR consultancy. He currently handles PR for financial/IT/.technology companies across the globe. He has kept up his.CCF interest and is now part of the Honourable Artillery.Company based in Moorgate..

SENDALL. N (1976—81) Nick is a consultant with Vector.Consulting Group Ltd and he specialises in improving.performance and people development, following a successful.career primarily spanning manufacturing and quality roles in.food, drink and related packaging industries. More recently.he has been working in the steel and automotive sectors..He lives with his wife and two boys in a quiet village near.Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics. He is currently studying for an.MBA by distance learning at Warwick University. He has.also taken up marathon running, and retains fond memories.of the punk rock scene in High Wycombe in 1977..

TENNANT. I (1978—84) Bernard Trafford, one time.Assistant Music Master at the RGS and now Headmaster of.Wolverhampton Grammar School, had an extraordinary.experience in April 2000. He found himself interviewing for.a teaching post someone he used to teach. Ian Tennant was.that someone and now he is Head of Classics at the school..

TOLKIEN. T (1975—81) Tim, along with 2 school friends.Daryl PHILLIPS and Paul STEPHENSON, sat outside the.Beech Tree pub on a fine summer evening in 1979, enjoying.a post-exam pint (or two), and resolved to meet up same.time, same place in the year 2000. They achieved this, and.took the opportunity of visiting the school..

TURNER. P (1967—75) Since leaving school, Peter has.graduated in Civil Engineering from the Hatfield Polytechnic.and has carved out a career in the construction industry, being.now a senior manager with an international contractor. He.lives near St. Alban’s with his wife and daughter..

WAKEFIELD. D (1958—65) David took early retirement in.1996 after his chairmanship of the Priory Hospitals Group.expired on the company’s sale to Mercury Development.Capital. He is keeping busy as Vice-Chairman of Merton,.Sutton and Wandsworth Health Authority, Deputy Chairman of.Terence Higgins Lighthouse Trust and Chairman of the Cancer.Resource Centre, Wandsworth. He is business consultant to the.Department of Organ Studies at the Royal Academy of Music..He is also learning to play the organ as a mature student..

WALTER. J F (1923—27) John writes from Topcliffe in.Yorkshire that in case any lads of his era are wondering.whether he is still around — he is!! In July 2000 he.celebrated his 90th birthday, and fares reasonably well..He still writes for the Darlington and Stockton Times,.supplies them with photographs, and edits a village.magazine. He is also involved with a major village project to.restore a Willis organ in the Church. This very precious.instrument is currently in thousands of pieces, and local.residents have formed groups to work on its restoration. He.helps with publicity. He and his wife (née Mollie King).celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary early 2000. He.very much enjoyed reading the item by his old friend John.TAYLOR in the last issue of the OB magazine, and he has.been in touch with another contemporary as a result of the.magazine — Tommy KNOWLES..

WARE. J (1991—97) Jonathan graduated from.Reading University in 2000. He now works for.PricewaterhouseCoopers in risk management and e-commerce.consultancy. He recently gave a business seminar at Eton.College and now appreciates how well behaved RGS pupils.were in his day. He still sees from his year group N FINCH,.A BURNETTE, J LOCK-HARTE and P PRIESTLEY..WARREN. A D (1955—63) Andrew, who has been with.Coopers and Lybrand since 1969, having gained his MA from.Wadham College, Oxford, in 1966, advises that he has moved.from London to Northants..

WIGHTMAN. M (1986—91) Mark studied Biological.Sciences at Oxford. Since then he has spent 7 years working.for a specialist derivatives analytics and risk management.house in London (Monis Software) where he is currently a.director..