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Welcome to Mika's Pocket Holsters. Here you will find custom-made holsters designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. As a police officer with the L.A.P.D. from 1973 to 1993 I've come to realize the importance of having a holster that provides quick and reliable deployment of a firearm. With this understanding in mind, I began making my own pocket holsters for the simple reason that I was dissatisfied with anything commercially available. All too often I would find pocket holsters aesthetically pleasing to the eye yet lacking in the essentials of accessibility, concealment, and comfort.

You won't find pretty holsters here but as I explain below, you will find holsters that outperform the competition where it really counts. In addition to being affordably priced, my pocket holsters can be custom tailored to your preferred specifications. To top it all off if for any reason you're unsatisfied with my products I guarantee a full money-back refund.   

Robert Mika

Why Mika's Pocket Holsters Outperform The Competition

Accessibility/Retrieval Time

   Mika's Pocket Holsters are proven to deliver a quick and reliable draw in any situation. This is possible because, unlike most leather holsters which have a tendency to retain moisture thus creating drag and causing the gun to stick, Mika's Pocket Holsters are constructed from a moisture resistant material which will keep the inner surface of the holster dry. Also, Mika's Pocket Holsters will prevent the corrosive effects of harmful body salts from reaching the surface of your firearm. 

"I feel that your holster is the perfect duty holster for plain clothes carry in hot climates such as Louisiana."  Hugo Holland, New Orleans, LA

Level of Concealment

   The less the suspect knows the better. The picture to the left displays a standard S&W J-Frame holster before being inserted into pants pocket and the right after. 





"I have used the Mika Holsters since 3/87. It offers excellent concealment, yet I can retrieve my backup guns before my service revolver hits the ground. I highly recommend the Mika Holster for off and on duty use." Guy Rossi, Rochester P.D., NY

"The holster definitely flattens out the bulge normally obvious with a pocket gun. Accessibility is not hindered by the holster and I'm looking forward to its durability. Thanks." Dave Strauss, Ann Arbor P.D.


   Who says carrying a backup gun has to be an uncomfortable experience. With Mika's Pocket Holsters carrying a backup gun becomes no more uncomfortable then carrying a soft wallet.

"My gun comes out every time and leaves the holster behind. I have never found a comfortable way to carry a second gun but your holster is the best I've found so far." N. Campbell, L.A. County Sheriff Dept.


 "So far your pocket holster is the best one I own."  Alex Kay, L.A. County Safety Police

"In a word your line of holsters are great! Never before have I ever had any holster (for that matter any equipment in general) which fulfilled its intended purpose so well." Fred Sloan, Crown Point. IN

"To fellow officers, Mika is the Los Angeles resident inventor. Hundreds of them use special gun holsters he has designed and stitched together. Others won't go on duty without tucking one of his special mirrors into their shirt pocket." Los Angeles Times

"I was told that your forte was tactics and safety as well as an excellent motivator and teacher. Your designs of of six different holsters and the Mika mirrors are well known throughout the department." Willie Williams, Former Chief of Police of L.A.P.D.

"Ugly but effective. Better than anything on the market. Has Real Potential." Russ Long L.A.P.D.

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