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New York Yankees Saturday, March 5, 2005

TALKBACK: Yanks spring training

What's going to happen this spring for the Yankees? Will there be any major injuries? How does the team stack up for the long run? Is the pitching solidified?

1. Hey Pizza Fool: Which sandwhich are you talking about the good sandWICH or the mis-spelled one ? Also, what kind of motorcycle do you drive ?
Submitted by: The hero sandWICH guy
1:51 PM EST, Mar 4, 2005
2. Back in my old country we had a word for a man like Gary Sheffield. That word? PHONY!!
Submitted by: Fu Man Chu
1:18 PM EST, Mar 4, 2005
3. Tell me one reason why Derek Jeter should be Captain besides the fact he once dated Mariah Carey?
Submitted by: Fu Man Chu
1:17 PM EST, Mar 4, 2005
4. Hey Vets Committee: It doesn't seem that you even know who Thurman Munson was or what uniform number he wore.
Submitted by: The Rookies Committee
1:14 PM EST, Mar 4, 2005
5. Da woman who was from the Veterans Committee is correct. Munson was a bum like Jeter is a bim
Submitted by: Fu Man Chu
1:11 PM EST, Mar 4, 2005
6. Hey Ben: Is it Ben Dover or Bend Over ? Also, is Trot Nixon a bawlplayer or a race horse ? I feel the need to get up-dated. Thanx.
Submitted by: Ty Pronounce in Yonkers
1:06 PM EST, Mar 4, 2005
7. Elizabeth: The correct spelling of a Bronx Cheer is: BBDDFFFHHTT !! Please note and keep handy for use with Boston fans. Best regards,
Submitted by: The Bronx Historian
12:51 PM EST, Mar 4, 2005
8. The Yankees do everything 1st class even on opening day of spring training. Not rinky-dink and high schoolish like you see with Buston.
Submitted by: Bronx bite
12:40 PM EST, Mar 4, 2005
9. Torre needs to tell Sheffield to stop acting like a 2 year old and earn his incredibly high salary. Grow up Gary ! You are a good player but shut up and do your job.
Submitted by: Tommy D.
8:13 AM EST, Mar 4, 2005
10. Hey, the hero sandwhich idiot:!! First of all, I am my own boss,second your sandwhiches are phony just like you!! I know more about baseball than you will in your lifetime!! Mike Pizza will deliver your "MUTS SPECIAL PIE"! Don't be cheap (which I know you are) and leave a tip you moron!!!!
Submitted by: Pizza delivery Man!
9:07 PM EST, Mar 3, 2005

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