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William Luther Pierce
September 11, 1933 - July 23, 2002

click for a larger portrait of Dr. Pierce and his beloved cat, Hadley

Philosopher -- Teacher --
Leader -- Mentor -- Friend

DR. WILLIAM L. PIERCE, founder and Chairman of the National Alliance, died on July 23, 2002, after a battle with cancer lasting less than one month. Prior to his sudden disability, Dr. Pierce maintained his 80-hours-per-week schedule of writing, broadcasting, publishing, and organizing on behalf of people of European descent around the world, a regimen which he continued almost without interruption for 36 years. Standing far above his contemporaries, history will rank William Pierce with Shaw and Nietzsche as a visionary who saw clearly what European Man could become; and he will also be recognized as a great man of action who made his ideals concrete in an organization, the National Alliance, which will continue his Mission beyond his physical life.

      -- Kevin Alfred Strom

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