NOV. 10

1.  My action in court Friday was not a frivolous disruption but a rational commitment based on principle.
2.  The results of this trial specifically hinge on my intent.
3.  I went to the Capitol and came to court specifically to draw attention to the problems of the world that directly affect my state of mind and my physical body and to offer a way to clean up the world. This is my intent.
4.  I do not have the answers and as a woman I do not intend to play my own thoughts over the truth. I can clearly state the problems and tell you that I suffer from them.
     I feel that symbolically I am the earth and with relief I would hear Manson give the answers as he and the family would have had they had the chance to put on their defense. Their defense is my defense. I can*t go to trial without them.
5.  Letting the family speak in my defense is the only way we will be able to clean up this world—I PUT MY LIFE ON IT.

Lyn Fromme

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