Once upon a time...

The year is 1982. Seattle has just been officially dubbed the Emerald City.

Sean Watson is studying communications, and looks forward to a career in public relations. Ashley Silvers has designed a custom major within the music department, and is starting to introduce techno and industrial to a wider audience. Both are freshmen at Seattle Pacific University.

There was a slight mix-up with the Roommates Wanted bulletin board at the apartment complex - Ashley thought that "Sean" was a girl's name, and Sean thought that "Ashley" was a guy's name. Still, those leases are even harder to break than they are to get in the first place, so they decided to stick together.


Personal photos

Photos of Seattle

July 1982 4,150 Moonies participate in mass wedding
August 1982 520 die in plane crash near Tokyo
September 1982 Princess Grace of Monaco dies
October 1982 Helmut Kohl becomes chancellor of Germany
Poland bans the trade union Solidarity
Rambo released
November 1982 Brezhnev dies (succeeded by Andropov)
Vietnam Memorial dedicated
December 1982 First permanent artificial heart (Barney Clark)
Tootsie released
January 1983 ARPANET adopts Internet Protocol
Björn Borg retires
February 1983 Iran invades Iraq
71 die in Australian bushfires
M*A*S*H goes off the air
March 1983 Reagan: "evil empire", "Star Wars"
First Moonwalk (Michael Jackson)
First Swatch timepieces
First season of United States Football League (USFL)
April 1983 First spacewalk (Story Musgrave, Don Peterson)
63 die in Beirut embassy bombing
May 1983 Israel agrees to withdraw from Lebanon
Return of the Jedi released
June 1983 First spaceship leaves solar system (Pioneer 10)
First American woman in space (Sally Ride)

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