Tit 4 Tat Productions and Omaha Pictures proudly announce the World Premiere debut of "Just Pray" on February 25th in Greensboro, NC at the 28th annual Carolina Film & Video Festival! .... ....


Just Pray

“Just Pray” is a coming of age story involving a young Southern boy who is searching for resolution within his life. The film shares a beautiful and universal message about hope, redemption and salvation: sometimes you find these in the most unexpected people and in the most unexpected places. Directing this film was a gift and provided me the unforgettable opportunity to participate in the magic of storytelling.”
- Tiffani Thiessen - Director

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Vail Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival
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Tiffani Thiessen - Having spent over half of her professional life on the sets of television and movies, Tiffani has acquired a first rate education in the “behind the scenes” aspect of production. As such, it came as no surprise that the veteran actress recently launched her own production company. In October, 2003, Tit 4 Tat Productions, Inc. became a reality and with this official start came more news: Tiffani had not only found her first project to produce, but she would also serve as DIRECTOR.  

So, when cameras rolled in Los Angeles on June 24th, 2004, former actress-turned-producer-turned-director, Tiffani Thiessen, was at the helm of the original short film, “Just Pray.”

The Hollywood Reporter July 26, 2004,
"Everybody remembers you from your last five minutes, and I don't think people took me seriously. Being a woman doesn't help, and having people remember me from the types of shows I've done doesn't either. But I never like things to come easy, and this wasn't."

By Chris Gardner


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Tiffani, along with her producing partner and the film's Writer, R. Dean Johnson on location at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch for the first day of filming
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