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Welcome to This is a great place to find out how to legally carry a concealed weapon, if it is possible in your state. We also try to discuss issues related to carrying in the news and talk sections. Make this your home, but behave...manners count. See the new misc stats page by contributors to this site. Also, I've added pages if you are looking to buy a Gun Blue Book.

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Local Changes
  Mar 4, 2005

South Dakota: Link updated, Link updated, Link updated, Link updated, Link updated, Link updated, Link updated

Idaho: Link added

  Mar 3, 2005

Nevada: License Info Private

South Dakota: License Info Private

Idaho: Permit Info Private, Idaho License Info Private

Delaware: Permit/License Info Public

Alaska: Permit Info Private

  Mar 2, 2005

South Carolina: Edited reciprocity of Texas, Edited reciprocity of Michigan, Edited reciprocity of Louisiana, Edited reciprocity of Alaska, Edited reciprocity of Arkansas, Edited reciprocity of Arkansas

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Upcoming events
  Mar 8, 2005

CCW Course CO or UT
Denver, Colorado

Permit to Carry MN Course
Waconia, Minnesota

  Mar 10, 2005

MN Permit to Carry
Waconia, Minnesota

  Mar 12, 2005

Hampton Gun Show
Hampton, Virginia

NRA Instructor Development - Basic Pistol
Shelton, CT., Connecticut

CCW Class
Battle Creek, Michigan

Ohio CHL Training Class
Springfield OH, Ohio

Concealed Carry Werapons Class
Douglasville, Georgia

NRA Basic Pistol
Gig Harbor, Washington

NRA Basic Pistol (FL & LA CCW)
Slidell, Louisiana

CCW Training MO./UT./FL.
Arnold, MO, Missouri

AZ CCW Class
Phoenix, Arizona

MN Permit to Carry
Waconia, Minnesota

Multi-State CCW Course
Ventura, California

  Mar 16, 2005

CCW Course CO or UT
Denver, Colorado

[ More events here ]

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Headline News

Saturday Mar 5, 2005

Getting the Most From Please Read. (All United States: 412 hits)

Lets Get Some Work Done Folks! (Tennessee: 1 comment, 175 hits)

Friday Mar 4, 2005

House Balks At Unlicensed CCW (Montana: 7 comments, 1294 hits)

Senate Bill 664 in Committee (Texas: 13 comments, 913 hits)

NM HB 641 Set To HJC (New Mexico: 519 hits)

SB-1363 Restaurant Carry Passes Senate (Arizona: 4 comments, 822 hits)

NM HB1071 LEO Concealed Gun Exception Receives Do Pass (New Mexico: 1 comment, 738 hits)

Thursday Mar 3, 2005 Gets More Press (All United States: 11 comments, 1953 hits)

House 0249: Relating to Protection of Persons/Use of Force (Florida: 7 comments, 678 hits)

Will PA Except Non-Resident NH? Yes (Pennsylvania: 1 comment, 682 hits)

[ More news ]

Website Talk (User Chat Area)

Sunday Mar 6, 2005


English must now scare crows before shooting (All United States: 5 comments, 175 hits)


Cheap reliable guns (All United States: 5 comments, 56 hits)


Doc Holliday (All United States: 3 comments, 164 hits)

Saturday Mar 5, 2005


Carrying of Knives? (Louisiana: 1 comment, 119 hits)

Florida Permit Question. (All United States: 4 comments, 436 hits)

New Threat to HB249 (Florida: 5 comments, 314 hits)

Gun Registration (Texas: 8 comments, 498 hits)

Special Tax on Gun Owners to Improve "Security" (Maine: 8 comments, 570 hits)

Is it Time to Try Something Like This in Maryland and Iowa? (All United States: 5 comments, 454 hits)

Gun Tax Proposed in Court Safety Plan (Maine: 3 comments, 384 hits)

Ammo - Factory or Handloads (All United States: 31 comments, 671 hits)

Fight National ID Bill in the US Senate! (All United States: 3 comments, 500 hits)


Honoring a Hero (Texas: 2 comments, 254 hits)

Very Pro-Carry Front Page Article in OC Register Today (California: 8 comments, 723 hits)

Are there any NRA heavy hitters on here? (All United States: 14 comments, 652 hits)

Is There A Voting Record Site? (Texas: 4 comments, 216 hits)

Rallly - More on Iowa's Woes and the Need to Organize (Iowa: 1 comment, 179 hits)

  ··How to Carry

Legality of Taking A Firearm on RV Roadtrip... (All United States: 4 comments, 265 hits)

Lake County Rules (California: 2 comments, 362 hits)


10mm Resurgence (All United States: 7 comments, 259 hits)

Ruger SP101 Firing Pin (All United States: 1 comment, 129 hits)

Taurus Ammo - 45 ACP HP All Copper (Georgia: 2 comments, 172 hits)

Where To Purchase (Illinois: 8 comments, 248 hits)

SIG 239 Update (On Previous Not Impressed Posting) (Massachusetts: 7 comments, 611 hits)

  ··Home Defense

93 Year Old Arthritic Chases Away Would-Be Burglers! (California: 2 comments, 168 hits)

[ More talk ]

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The Right to Carry: An Awesome Responsibility
on Amazon
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