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This section shows some lists which have been compiled by fans and experts alike. The listings may not be complete but they have been done with utmost care.
Often the listings compile information from different sources and are originally not intended for publication as they represent work in progress. If you would like to contribute corrections or additions please write to

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The first list is a compilation of Compact Discs. This is a very personal selection and represents the songs for which  the lyrics are published here. For reasons of space it is divided in three sections:
Compact Discs One
Compact Discs Two
Compact Discs featuring Marlene Dietrich. This list incorporates Radio Shows, Rare Recordings plus some audio books in german

Second list shows you the 33s of Marlene records which are in Marlenes own collection. Go to The 33s

Third  list is chronological survey of the songs Marlene recorded or performed. Go to
Chronology of Songs

Fifth  list is a chronological survey of
Radio Performances

Fourth list is a chronological survey of
TV Performances

Sixth List is a chronolgical survey of
Tour Dates. The list is reprinted from Peter Riva/ Jean-Jaques Naudet: Marlene Dietrich. Knopf, New York 2001 and was compiled by Maria, Sandra and Peter Riva and Silke Ronneburg of Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin. Reprinted by permisson. To minimize the loading time it is divided in
Tour Dates till 1965 and
Tour Dates from 1965
From the Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin I added a document called CONTRIBUTED TALENT RECORD OF MISS MARLENE DIETRICH 1942 -1945

Seventh list is a compilation of DVDs available on the world market. This was compiled by Alexandre Andre and comes as PDF. Please allow some time to download. It is more than 2 MB.