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Girls' Kingdom
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This is not a dream, but a real world

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Lugu lake

This is a beautiful lake situated on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in China. It also has been called "Mother Lake", "Girl lake".
It is 2,688 meters above the sea level and it covers an area of 72 sq. km. Lugu Lake is one of the deepest natural lakes in China. The average depth of the water is 43 meters. The deepest water is 93 meters.  The water is crystal-clean. Its transparency is 12 meters.   When the famous American expedition leader Joseph Rock came here in 1930, he praised: "Absolutely peaceful and quiet. This is a place for the Angels."

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Lugu lake is rich in fish resource. It produces 18 major species of  fishes and other fishing products.

Lugu Lake itself is like a quiet, beautiful girl. The colour of the lake changes like a girl changes her dresses. In the morning, the sunrise covers it with golden colour; during the day it shows the lovely green/blue colour; when the sun sets the lake dressed with a dark green sleeping gown.

The Lugu lake is surrounded by elegant mountains, valleys and forests. The lake has 5 islands and 3 semi-islands. These islands show various scenes and providing the travelers the sightseeing spots and wonderful views.

"Three Excellencies on Lugu Lake" - The painting-like beautiful scenes; the  pretty Mosuo girls; the elegant Pig-Trough Boats. When the boats surfing to the center of the lake, the Mosuo girls start singing songs. It makes all the tourists wish not to leave.

Mosuo People - The "Girls' Kingdom"
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The Mosuo People are living around the Lugu Lake. isolated from the outside world, this minority society keeps their unique ancient traditions until today.
This is a secret "Girls' Kingdom". It remains many  maternity characters , but developed some nice elements to form a happy, peaceful and generous society.

It will be very interesting to explore the secret of the mystery of this Girls' Kingdom - How could they solved some serious problems in our modern society (Single mothers, marriage problem, women's right, old people etc) so well and natural.

Marriage free - "Azhu" Lovers

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Mosuo People are marriage-free. When the Mosuo girls reached 15 years of age, the boys reached 17, they are allowed to start their love affairs. The lovers (Called "Female Azhu" and "male Azhu") found each other freely. Mosuo people are good in singing and dancing. The young people dancing together and singing in Musou language to express their love.

The Musou girl has a special "Azhu" house to meet her lover. Her lover visits her during night and leave at morning.
If the girl wishes to stop the love affair, she closed the door of her "Azhu House" to the man. Then the man will not come again. The love affair is finished. The lovers have no economic or any legal relationship. It is based on mutual love affection only. The wiliness of the females are very respected.

Happy Single Mothers

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The children will growing up with their mother and uncles. They inherit their surnames from their mother. They even don't know who is their father.
Woman is the head of the family. Women are in charge of most works in the society.
These "single mothers" are happy. The uncles  play the male part in the family and looking after the boys. Such blood connection may be more stable than the love-based marriage & duty. What an unique but wise arrangement.

"Pig-Trough" Boat - Story of a great maternity
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Fishing is the major income source of Mosuo People. The traffic on the Lugu Lake depends on a special type of boat "Pig-Trough" Boat.

There was a story: In the ancient time, this place had no lake but land. One day, suddenly the flooding water came from the Gamu Mountain and turned the land into a sea. At that moment, a mother was feeding the pigs, and her two children were playing nearby. Facing the flooding wave, she rescued her children, put them into the pig food trough.

After the flooding, the Lugu Lake was formed. The mother died in the flooding, but her two children were survived and became the ancestor of the Mosuo People. 

That's why the Lugu Lake has been called "Mother Lake"; and all the boats here were made in the shape of the pig-food-trough.

Perhaps this great maternity story had great influence on the formation of this "Girls' Kingdom".. 

Adult Ceremony
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When the Mosuo children grow to 13 years old, they will through a special "Adult Ceremony" to become the adults.

The "Adult ceremony" always be held on the New Tear's Day. The mother helps the girls to wear beautiful new dresses and jewels. The uncle helps the boys to wear new clothes and waist knifes.

On the Adult Ceremony, the girls stand at the "Female Rank"; the boys stand at the "Male Rank". They keep one fool on the pork meat, one foot on the rice bag - the symbol of a rich life.

After the Adult Ceremony, they are allowed to attend all the adult activities. After 15 years they can meet their lovers.

Religion and Society

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The relationships between the members of the Mosuo large families are very nice. They always looking after each other, caring and pay respect & priority to the old people, the illness and disabled people.

The Mosuo people's religion is Nature. The Gamu Mountain is their Goddess Mountain. In August "Turn-Mountain Festival", the Mosuo people will come together, climbing the Gamu Mountain to pay their respects.

After dying Mosuo people usually perform the cremate. They believe that human has the soul, it has to be freed from the dead body and becoming the "Skirt Soul".
They believe that a child has no soul yet, hence if a child died, the body has to be buried.


Fortunately now SCCTS opened the "Girls' Kingdom" Special Tours. To provide the world travellers an excellent chance to visit this beautiful lake and to experience the unique "Girls' Kingdom" life.


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