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New Officials' Clinic:   Road, Track, and NORBA rules.
Date: Saturday, March 5, 2005
Time: 9:00 a.m. - Noon
Location: Olympic Training Center Visitor's Center Olympic Conference Room
Cost: No cost for the clinic, but there is a fee for the official's license itself. The amount depends upon whether you currently have a USA Cycling license (of any kind), or are a new licensee.
Materials: Please bring a rulebook(if you have one), pen/pencil, and a check book.
N.B. The reserved room can hold 15. To ensure that we have enough space, please RSVP to Noreen (719.338.7223) if you haven't already. print

Beginners' & Women's Track Clinics:
See the event schedule for dates and contact information.

Next CVA board meeting: Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 3:00 p.m.
Location: Casa Tyson

A few road race flyers are now included in the calendar. Want your race on the calendar? Contact events.

The 2005 Colorado Road schedule is available. The road schedule will integrated into the CVA schedule, but for now you can view the Excel spreadsheet.

Gear, speed, time, and rpm calculator available now. Enter gears by ring and cog range or by entering individual rings and cogs. Generate speed tables, time tables, or rpm tables. More configuration choices are available on each configuration page.

Enter RPMs Times
Gear Range Speeds & Times by Range RPMs by Range
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This is still a temporary page.  I am developing the new web site. Version 1.0 of the blog package was released and they quickly discovered a few more issues. Those issues have been fixed - there should be a maintenance release shortly.

As you probably noticed, we have a new domain name.  Actually we have four.  We added a second domain name: - which is intended to be a convenience.  We also have both names in the domain of com. 


Some features planned for the new site:

We are planning to have online race registration for CVA members this year! The first time you register online, we'll verify your license and collect the paperwork set the first time you race. Thereafter, just register, pay for racing at the track, and you're in. Registration closing time won't apply.

To enable an online system and ensure that member data is entered, CVA memberships will be entered online. The motivation for making registration electronic is to ensure accurate and timely entry of member and rider data so that results can be entered and displayed.

I'm going to install a blogging package.  As I contemplated what might make the CVA website more useful, I considered installing an open-source blogging application.  Investigating what the blog application would do, I realized why blogs have become so popular and became excited about getting one running for CVA members. 

So what is it? This application will give every CVA member their own personal web site or blog.  Each member will be able to post commentary and pictures to their site. 


If you have not tried Firefox, it is definitely worth a look.  It is a streamlined full-featured browser employing Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine.  Frankly, it beats the pants off of IE.  Plus, you avoid the incessant MS/IE pop-up ads!! Follow the spread of Firefox at, there have been 25 million downloads since the 1.0 release in November. The download is less than 5 megs and is available for all platforms. 
A few of the cool features:

The Live Bookmarks feature is especially interesting because we will enable 'RSS' feeds from our blogs.  Those interested can subscribe to individual blogs, or all the blogs, and be notified thru bookmarks when a new post or comment is added.  I plan to have a blog exclusively for the velodrome so the staff can provide track status on a regular basis. 

Get Get Firefox! and give it a try!

Dave Lindsey -