"Tour de Bloc - Rock Court's Regionals"
click here for quicktime movie (32MB)
Rock Court's Regional comp for the Tour de Bloc in Nov. 2004.

"ABC 2004"
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A summary of the Atlantic Bouldering Circuit's 2004 winter series. 4 comps in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Check it out! Music by Cinematic Orchestra.

"The wave"
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A 3min film featuring Nick Sagar climbing "the wave", a v9 buildering problem
located in downtown Halifax. A campus style problem that really needs to be seen! Music by McFadden.

Pulldown Productions
"Eastern Tide"
(, 63.6MB for large or 13.9MB for small format)
Producers of the Halifax full-lenght bouldering film available on VHS and DVD.
Winner of Best Canadian Mountain Film from the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (2003)
and finalist on the Banff Festival of Mountain Films (2002-03)