The Long Ranger range-extending trailer converts an electric vehicle to hybrid mode for long trips. The efficient, high specific-output, gasoline-fueled, trailer-mounted generator maintains battery charge, allowing unlimited driving range at speeds up to 75 mph.

The Long Ranger is proven over more than 20,000 highway miles. 20-kW DC output allows sustained high-speed driving without range restrictions. Emissions are controlled with a closed loop fuel control system and a zero-evaporative-emissions sealed fuel tank.

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The intelligent BackTracker trailer steering maintains trailer-to-vehicle alignment during backing to avoid jack-knifing. Steering control algorithms enhance high-speed stability allowing reduced trailer and tongue length. Small, light, and short for easy towing, parking, hookup, and storage. Manual start/stop control is available from inside the vehicle
  The backtracker system keeps the trailer in line with the vehicle while turning - even going backwards!
Conventional trailers must articulate as the vehicle turns - and are prone to jack-knifing when backing up


See the trailer steering system in action in this video clip (416 Kb)
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Low-Emission Range Extender for Electric Vehicles - paper presented at the SAE Future Transportation Conference in 1997 summarizing the technology in AC Propulsion's Backtracker hybrid Trailer.


 Output Power

20 kW DC up to 7000 ft elevation
Output Voltage 240 - 390 volts
Maximum Output Current 60 amps
Dimensions length: 48", 1220 mm (from hitch)
width: 48", 1220 mm
height: 30", 760 mm
Fuel high-octane unleaded gasoline
Fuel Capacity 9.5 gallons (40 liters)
Engine Kawasaki 500cc 2 cyl
DOHC 4-valve/cyl, liquid-cooled

 Emissions Control

 Closed loop fuel control, dual catalyst, sealed pressurized fuel tank
Operating Speed 7000 rpm
Drive direct
Alternator proprietary design
Controls electronic servo governor, remote start and stop
Maximum Speed (without battery discharge) 60 - 80 mph, 100 - 130 km/h (varies with vehicle)
Highway Fuel Economy 30 - 35 mpg, 7.8 - 6.7 l/100 km(varies with vehicle)
Total Trailer Weight 350 lb, 160 kg
Trailer Chassis chrome-moly tubular frame with torsion-arm suspension
BackTracker Trailer Alignment Control for Backing and High-Speed Stability Intelligent trailer steering uses a proprietary sensor to maintain trailer-to-vehicle alignment, avoiding jack-knifing while backing, and enhancing stability


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