The Concrete Korean Wall must be Brought Down

The concrete wall which was built across a distance of 240 kilometres to the south of the Demarcation Line by the south Korean authorities in 1979 is a barrier of division that divides the country and the nation into two and is a symbol of north-south confrontation.

They spent about 32 Billion won, using 800,000 tons of cement, 200,000 tons of steel, 3.5 million cubic metres of gravel, sand and other materials.

The wall is 5 to 8 metres high, 10 to 19 metres wide at the bottom and 3 to 7 metres wide in the upper part. The barrier cuts across 122 villages, 8 counties, 3 railways, 3 main road and 22O other roads. [from Korean Information Bulletin, 13/12/97]

We can only add - it is time this monstrosity was removed!


January/February 1998

Organ of the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain)