June 26, 2004

NATO Torture (!)

From the right-wing daily, TURKIYE:

When the arteries in Turkish capital Ankara were closed to traffic due to U.S. President George Bush's visit, transportation was paralyzed. Many streets in Istanbul were also closed to traffic while many events have been cancelled. Some passengers missed the plane as traffic was paralyzed due to police control at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.

...And an American friend of mine, Julie, is coming to Istanbul. I have planned a 4-day trip plan despite many limitations. As Prof Ugur told a group of visiting Greeks yesterday, these days are the worst days in the century to visit the city. Anyway, i am still hopeful:)

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June 25, 2004

EU-related legislations

The Ninth Adjustment package was submitted to the parliament. The package includes changes in a number of laws in line with the recent package of constitutional amendments. Under the package, expressions of death sentence will be removed from all laws including the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), the Code of Criminal Procedure (CMUK) and the Forestry Law. The package also envisages amendment to the law enabling the General Staff to appoint a member to the Higher Education Board. Under the package, representative of the National Security Council (NSC) will not take place among members of the Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTUK) any longer. (Radikal)

Turkish parliament approved the draft law about animal rights at last. Under the law, those who kill stray animals will be sentenced to pay a fine of 500 million Turkish liras (TL). Those who force animals to work during their illness or pregnancy, who have sexual intercourse with animals and who torture animals will be sentenced to pay high amounts of fine. Those who injure an animal, will be responsible to pay all expenses of treatment (Milliyet)

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How to fund the research?

I will become a TA in Istanbul Bilgi University by the end of August. After I get the disappointing decline from NSF (shame on the positivist panel!), working seems to be the only option to fund my fieldwork. But i should admit, TA job in the school of communication is the best possible job to have in my situation.
Dean of the school, Aydin Ugur, is a parental figure to me and he is my main source to have access to senior journalists. The chair of Media Studies, where I will be TAing, Asli Tunc, is also cordial and helpful. Nothing is certain right now but as far as I can see, i will not be able to use my workload as a pretext for procrastination (in relation to my project).

Things change so fast, and you get to know people better as you live with them. so the following ideas may change (!) but i can hopefully say that people in the School are exceptionally good people and that's a relief for me. From time to time, i will probably talk about them. Let me just mention Asli Telli, who has just finished her Ph.D thesis. I am so happy to work with her.
Bilgi University (www.bilgi.edu.tr) is located in the city centers and works with many independent intellectuals and scholars. It has a liberal working environment [i use 'liberal' in a positive, non-ideological manner whatever this means:) ]. It has one of the biggest communication schools and most significantly as an institution, it is an active intellectual contributor to the European Union process. Enough flattering for today!

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June 24, 2004

This is a test.

I wish I could start with a better entry but this event has just happpened and it was one of the bus stops I had frequently used (In fact, i don't see use it any more). Still, it has a personal touch. My sister has just called me to see if i were 'alive'.

Two Dead, Seven Injured In Istanbul Bomb Explosion Ahead Of NATO Summit
CihanNews: 6/24/2004

ISTANBUL (CIHAN) - A bomb has exploded in the quarter of Fatih in Istanbul today killing two people and wounding seven others.
This is the second blast in Turkey today following the bomb explosion in Ankara earlier this morning which wounded three people including two police officers.
This latest explosion took place in the quarter of Fatih, on the European side of Istanbul; according to reports, people waiting at the bus stop outside the Istanbul University Medical Faculty suffered the brunt of the blast which occurred aboard a public bus, the Turkish NTV channel said.

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