Duckburg religion

Introduction to the pages on Duckburg religion

These pages are about the use of religion in the stories about Duckburg. Now, religion is not what springs to one's mind when talking about life in Duckburg, but if we take a closer look, we will find references to religion and piety. On these pages, I will take a look at such references in the stories by Carl Barks (1901- ), Charles Alfred Taliaferro (1905-1969) and Keno Don Rosa.

It has been difficult to decide what to include, it is difficult to define religion; a definition like "religion is the belief in one or several gods" would exclude classical Buddhism. If you, on the other hand, define it at "belief in the supernatural", the basis for the definition is the division between religious belief and everyday life. This division is based on cultural notions in Europe and North America. Religion is a part of everyday life in many parts of the world, so such a definition would miss important aspects of religions that does not know this division.

On these pages I will simply look at religion as "the belief in non-human forces which influence our lives." This is a broad definition, which includes things like witches, spirits charms and of course God.

The following persons have helped me making these pages: Geir J. Netland, Rob Klein, Erik Hørthe, Harry W. Fluks, Daniel van Eijmeren, Rodney W. Bowcock Jr., Armando Botto, and "Eta Beta".

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