Statement for the Record

       To the matter of defense:

       The court has stated repeatedly that the case is to be tried based on the facts in evidence; that the defendant will not be permitted to make any political statements, nor to use the court room as a forum for talking about such "ecology" issues as endangered redwood trees, nuclear power plants, polluted air and water.

       I have talked late into the nights with my client (me), affirming my original position in defense. I have taken into consideration the court's warnings—and most importantly, the reasons behind these warnings, and I wish at this time to let response to the earlier warnings of the court be known.

* Let the record reflect

*      that this defendant is not charged with the murder of the President; that the charge is "attempted assassination",

*      that it is this defendant's understanding that the U.S. Attorney must prove beyond doubt that the defendant intended "knowingly and wilfully" to murder the President,

*      that intent is very clearly a state of mind; that intent is a THOUGHT before and during an ACTION; that the inquiry of such may well open the defendant's mind for scrutiny; and that the defendant's state of mind may be directly concerned with such social matters as the court has deemed unfit for court consumption.

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