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Marbury, Francis

Quill, Ink & Document MARBURY, FRANCIS Quill, Ink & Document
& wife Tabitha

Maryland - Virginia? - Georgia - North Carolina


Researchers are encouraged to read over
these pages and share any information
to help in this quest!

Line of Descent

Francis Marbury     b abt 1663 England, emigrated to Maryland abt 1680
                                        d between 6 Jan 1734 - 22 Jan 1734/35 Prince George's Co. MD.
                                             Estate administered by sons Leonard (Sr.) & Luke Marbury.
                                       m (1) Mary Green d 11 Feb 1713, daughter of Leonard Green

 m (2) 14 Sep 1714 Frances Herd/Heard
                                                Both wives bore children by Francis.  Our Leonard was a son of Francis
                                                             and (1) Mary Green Marbury.                                                       

        1. Leonard Marbury  b birthdate is listed in St. John's Parish Church Registry, Prince
                                                       George's Co. MD.  The actual year of his birth has long been
                                                       debated.  The entry:

                                                       "Leonard Marbury Son to Francis Marbury & Mary his wife
                                                       born ye Last Day January (1700/01 or 1708)".  Some say it reads

                                                       1700/01 and others say 1708, the eight being written the way the
                                                       figure '8' was written in that time period and on the Estate
                                                       Accounts of Francis Marbury.  
                                                  d death is recorded in the Augusta, GA newspaper obituary.
                                                      'Augusta Chronicle, Saturday May 3, 1794, p. 2c.2'.
                                                      It states: "Died, on the 29th April last, at Capt. Horatio Marbory's,
                                                      on the Kiokas, Mr. Lenard Marbury, sen. aged ninety-three years -
                                                      He left three sons, three daughters and ninety-six grand, great grand,
                                                      and great great children."  
                                                   m bef 1736, Penelope (last name not proven.  This marriage date estimate is
                                                      from land deed where Leonard & wife Penelope sold land in Prince George's Co. MD
                                                                        in 1736.  It's believed they married abt 1730.  Leonard was probably married by 1733
                                                                        and out of his father's home as he's listed separately on the List of Tithables for that year.)

                                                   Leonard & Penelope had several children, the number is unknown.
                                                   Three are believed to be Francis (Tabitha), Col. Leonard of MD, VA?,
GA & LA (served in Rev. War) & Thomas of Edgefield Co. SC.
                                                   (served in Rev. War) .   Horatio (served in Rev. War) is another possible son.

                                          This page deals with Leonard & Penelope's son Francis.

                   A.  Francis Marbury b abt 1730's Prince George's Co. MD
                                                            d 1795 - 1800 Rowan Co. NC? (Was his estate administered in Rowan Co.
                                                                                              per court document below?)

                                                            m abt 1750's Tabitha (last name unknown)
                                                                       (See children below)                                                                                      


Additional input to the Francis Marbury page:
John Lee Marberry & Robert T. Marbury

Our Purpose

The purpose in creating a research page:
 1st.  To use proven and unproven sources to establish
credible evidence supporting the theory that this
Francis Marbury was a son of Leonard Marbury, Sr. &
wife Penelope, and a grandson of

Francis Marbury, our immigrant ancestor
of Prince George's County, Maryland.

2nd.  To provide adequate supporting records that Francis
and Tabitha are the
parents of the following children:
Leonard b 1759, Eleanor b 1763, Tabitha
b abt 1765, Luke b 1767, John b 1769,
Isaac b 1774-75, Jacob b 1775 - 80,
Francis, Jr. b 1781 & possibly others.

 There were 2 females listed in Francis' household in 1790.
 One was wife Tabitha.  Was the other an unmarried daughter?

Why Build This Page?

Recognizing the need for early Marbury research to be easily accessible to our
researchers, this page and a couple to follow later, have been created for that
 purpose.   Because so many errors contained in early Marbury research
are being taken verbatim, we strive to expose and correct these errors.
 Many new researchers, once they are into the in depth search, realize some
facts just don't add up and are seeking help in determining the accuracy.
(Examples: "Across The Years In Prince George's County" by
Effie Gwynn Bowie & "The Bowies and Their Kindred" by
W. W. Bowie.  These are exceptional books and held in esteem
but do contain some errors in regard to our lineage.)
Some entry's on this page are fact, and so stated, but much is supposition
and that's why I've hesitated for two years to add it to my sites.
I do believe that Francis Marbury who married Tabitha, is the
son of Leonard Marbury, Sr. who was a son of our immigrant ancestor
Francis Marbury of Prince George's Co. MD.
Even though all of the needed records to date have not been
forthcoming, we do have a basic foundation as to names,
places, family relationships, etc., on which to base our beliefs.
 Now with this new page, every tidbit of information contributed
  by myself, Robert T. Marbury and John Lee Marberry
will be dedicated to finding and recording these records.
Robert and John are exceptional researchers and deserve
much credit for their contributions.  But many
have gone
before us, sharing or leaving a paper trail that has opened many
doors.  To them we owe much thanks and gratitude.

John Lee and I have been at this effort for about 20
years.  In spite of our diligence in seeking out the lineage,
we still don't have answers to many questions.

Records on this site will place our ancestors in certain places at certain
time periods.
 I urge you to make your own charts and never enter anything
as fact unless you have a proven source.  The error-written Marbury

research needs to stop with this generation!  It's my hope that this site
  will stir the hidden detective in you and you will take up the gauntlet,
searching even deeper for our illusive proof.  And, if you are fortunate

 in uncovering some hint of evidence, we would be elated if you would
share it with the rest of us.  You'll be given credit for your contributions!

Identifying the Leonard Marbury's

There are many Leonard Marbury's in research.  If you are relatively new
to genealogy, be prepared to find a Leonard most everywhere Marbury/
Marberry's are found.  It has been, and still is, a trying ordeal to sort
them as to where each belongs in the lineage.  Hopefully, the following
will aid you in separating those on this site.

Let's begin with Leonard Marbury, Sr., probable
father of the Francis of this page.  On this site we'll refer
to him as Leonard, Sr.

 Leonard, Sr., was a son of our immigrant ancestor,
Francis Marbury and his first wife, Mary Green,
of Prince George's Co. MD.

Facts: 1. "St. John's Church Registry, King George's
Parish (Piscataway Parish) Prince
George's Co. MD 1689 - 1801 p. 245"
2. Francis Marbury Will dated Jan. 1, 1734
Prince George's Co. MD. & Estate Accounts

The second Leonard referenced in this research, is referred
to as
Col. Leonard Marbury (Jr.).

He obtained this title while serving in the Revolutionary War and

 he plays a significant part because he's believed to be a brother
of our Francis and, also a son of Leonard Marbury, Sr.

The third Leonard referenced is referred to as
Leonard Marbury born 1759.

We believe him to be a son of Francis & Tabitha.

This is the Leonard Marbury on this site who married Mary
Rounsaval in 1780 in Rowan Co. NC.  He's the
  Great Great Great Grandfather of the webmaster.
 This Leonard also served in the Revolutionary War
under his UNCLE
Col. Leonard Marbury (Jr.).

Facts: 1. "Marbury Family Bible" See this page on
  my sites for names and dates.

2. Revolutionary War Pension Application file
R6892 for Leonard Marbury b 1759.

Leonard born 1759
must be used to reference because his
Revolutionary War pension file contains a letter dated June 3,
1938 with errors that have befuddled, frustrated, and led us
astray for many years.
 (Leonard applied for Pension, 13 Dec 1832 in Haywood Co. TN).
 In this letter, compiled by the Archivist,
Leonard b 1759

is shown as the son of Col. Leonard Marbury
which is incorrect.  
Col. Leonard, in all probability, was his uncle, brother of Francis
who married Tabitha.  No place in the pension papers including
depositions, does it state that
was the son of
Col. Leonard.  The Archivist ASSUMED they were father and
son.  In an 1834 deposition taken from Luke Marbury of Bedford
Co. TN, in relation to verifying Leonard's (b 1759) service record,
Luke, brother of Leonard, states:

"It was some distance above Augusta on the Savannah River during
the Revolutionary War when the British and Americans were contending
in arms and as near as I can recollect, Leonard Marbury (b 1759)
entered the service of the United States under Col. Leonard Marbury &

Capt. Middleton under the promise from the said Col. Leonard Marbury
that he would be careful of him whilst he was with him in the service of
the United States as a soldier, this then being my impression that it was

for the relationship he bore to my father (Francis) who was also the
reputed father of Leonard Marbury (b 1759).

So with the 3 Leonard's straight in your mind, let's begin our
assessment with the chronology of Francis Marbury.

Francis Marbury

Time Period
& Place

Francis was born in Maryland, and in all
probability, a son of Leonard Sr. & Penelope
Marbury of Prince George's Co. MD.

  Francis' date of birth hasn't been established
but is believed to be in the 1730's.

Jan. 1, 1734 - Prince George's Co.,
Leonard Sr. was named one of the
sons in the will of his father, Francis Marbury.
 Leonard (Sr.) and his brother Luke were
named executors.

  Leonard Sr. probably married Penelope in the
early 1730's as he's listed separately
on the 1733 Prince George's Co. Tax List.
Thus we estimate that Francis was

born in Maryland and married Tabitha
(last name unknown)
in the 1750's,
place unknown.

We do have some (supposition) records for
  Francis before he shows up in Rowan Co. NC on
the 1768 Tax List for John Ford's District.
 But where was he from the 1730's until 1768, a
period of about 30 years?

When did Francis leave Maryland?
Did he migrate with his father
Leonard Sr. to Fairfax/Loudoun Co.

VA after 1750?
 Or, did he migrate by 1753 with
brothers (Col.) Leonard (Jr.) and
Thomas Marbury?

Or is this a different Francis Marbury
from the one of our lineage?
 We don't know, but the
Fairfax/Loudoun Co. VA
research is included for your review.

(There are so many repititions of the Marbury
surnames it is a trying experience to
distinguish them.)

(Let me state here that we have not proven that these
three brothers in Loudoun Co. VA were sons of
Leonard, Sr. & Penelope.  Some believe it to be so and we
hope it is so, but some researchers have reservations.
    Col. Leonard Marbury (Jr.) died in New Orleans, LA in
1796.  DAR records of his descendants state that he was
  about 50 years old (when he died).  If that was the case,
and it may not be, Col. Leonard (Jr.) would have been too young 
to have purchased land in Virginia in 1753.
 There's the possibility there was a typo when this
record was transcribed.  Should it be 60 years old?
(We need copies of the "original" DAR papers.)
 If he was 60, born about 1734, then these three "brothers"
could very well be the answer to our missing 1750's time
period.  The word "brothers" is the instigating
factor urging us to consider this possibility.)

Note: Fairfax/Loudoun Co. VA was not that far
from Prince George's Co. MD.  It's possible the
Marbury's in these two locals moved back and forth
and visited each other frequently. 

Co. MD

Francis Marbury Will dated
Jan. 1, 1734
Prince George's Co. MD. &
Estate Accounts
1768 Rowan Co. NC
Tax List
Prince George's Co. MD
Deeds & Tax List

Jan. 1, 1737 Leonard (Sr.) with wife Penelopy,
  sells part of three tracts of land in
Prince George's Co. MD

Aug. 11, 1742 Leonard Marbury (Sr.),
appraiser for the estate of Richard Chidley in
Prince George's Co. MD

Sept. 8, 1750 Leonard Marbury (Sr.)
and wife Penelope of Prince George's Co. MD
sell additional portions of the three
tracts of land

1737 -
Prince George's

Jan. 1, 1736
"Leonard Marbury, Sr. and wife
Penelope sell lands in
Prince George's Co. MD"

Leonard Marbury appraiser
with John
Emerson - Richard Chidley Estate
Sep. 2, 1740/Aug. 11, 1742 Prince
George's Co. MD

 Sept. 8, 1750
"Leonard Marbury, Sr. and wife Penelope
sell lands in Prince George's
Co. MD"

Fairfax/Loudoun Co. VA

1. May 1, 1753 - Francis, Thomas and Leonard
Marbury, "brothers", lease lands in
Fairfax Co. VA
(Loudoun Co. was created out of Fairfax in 1757)

2. May 1, 1758 -
Same lease renewed in Francis' name only.

3. 1759 Francis Marbury
served as constable in
Loudoun Co. VA

4. 1759 - 1765 Francis Marbury
listed on Tax Tithable lists
Loudoun Co. VA

5.  1763 Loudoun Co. VA Warrant for
Leonard Marbury (Sr. or Jr/Col.?)
to answer plea of Trespass.
Damage against Thomas Hanson Marshall.
(Thomas Marshall's are shown in early
Prince George's Co. records.)

("Thomas Hanson Marshall entered a Plea of Trespass
upon the case, damage - three thousand pounds of crop
tobacco against Leonard Marbury.  Warrant issued
to have Leonard Marbury at the county court house on the
16th September 1763 to answer these charges.")

6. 1764 Loudoun Co. VA, Leonard Marbury
was 'not found' by the Sheriff.  (Was this
Leonard Sr. (or Jr./Col.)?

(The following record is from "Hanson
Family" Charles Co. MD Gentry Book p.233
"The will of widow Elizabeth Hanson dated
3-19-1764 and proved in Charles Co. on
June 15, 1764 by George Lee and
Leonard Marbury, Jr.")
They were witnesses to the will.

(This Leonard Marbury, Jr. Will entry raises
questions.  IF the original papers do show
Leonard, Jr., then this imply's that
(Col.) Leonard was indeed of age in 1764 and
could be the above Leonard involved in the
Plea of Trespass.)

7. March 12, 1764 Francis Marbury
sells lease in Loudoun Co. VA

8. 1765 Court cases in Loudoun Co. VA
involving Leonard Marbury.  Francis is
also named.

9. Sept. 9, 1766 Leonard Marbury served
upwards of 20 days in prison
Loudoun Co. VA

(Was this Sr. or Jr./Col.?
Jr. would not have been a Col. until the
Revolutionary War.  I state it thus for

The following from
John Lee Marberry research:

In a court case of Thomas Hanson
Marshall in a plea of Trespass upon
the case, damage - Three thousand pounds
of Crop tobacco against Leonard Marbury.
There is a warrant to have Leonard
Marbury at the County court house on the
16th September 1763 to answer these
 (It appears that Francis Marbury put up the
security for Leonard Marbury but the Sheriff
returned the writ saying: "Not found"
 Leonard could not be found and had left the county.)

On the 23rd of September 1765 a complaint
is made that Francis Marbury is "goodly
indebted to John Glassford the sum of
five pounds, five shillings and eleven pence
half penny current money and that he is
"about to remove...."
 (They are asking that an attachment be made
to the effects of Francis Marbury to satisfy the
debt and costs.  It appears that Francis Marbury
is moving 'to Georgia or North Carolina' and
they are attaching some of his goods to either
satisfy a debt he has or the unsettled debt of
Leonard Marbury who was not found in does appear that Francis Marbury left
Loudoun Co. VA around 1765.)

Notes for researching:
 1. 1762 - 1773 Thomas Marbury
possible brother of Francis is shown
on Tax Tithable lists Shelburne Parish,
  Loudoun Co. VA
2. Dec 1851 Bedford Co. TN,
Eleanor Marbury Moore's obituary
states she was born in Rowan Co. NC

(Date of birth: 17 Dec 1763)

3. Leonard Marbury born 1759,
who we believe to be a son, if not the firstborn
son of Francis & Tabitha, stated on his
Rev. War pension application that he was born
in Maryland 4 April 1759.
This means that Francis & family were in
Maryland in the spring of 1759.

1753 -
Co. VA

Co. MD

1753 & 1758
1759  - 1765 List of

Warrant Plea of
Loudoun Co. VA

Will -  Elizabeth
Hanson - Charles
Co. MD

North Carolina Chronology
For Francis Marbury

1768 - Rowan Co. NC Tax List -
Frances Mabrery
"John Ford's Return of Ye List of Taxables for
Ye Year 1768"
- This is the first record found for Francis in NC -

1771 - May 7, 8 & 10 - Listed as a Juror in Rowan
Co. NC - Francis Mabury
1772 - July 31 & Aug 6 - Bill of Sale from Drury
Guding to Francis Mabry for sundry things -
Rowan Co. NC
1774 - May 31 - Richard Worrell & wife sold to
Francis Marbury - Anson Co. NC
1774 - July 13 - Francis Marbary on Road Work
Crew - Anson Co. NC

(Philip, Moses & Nathaniel Steed same crew)
1774 - Dec. 26 - Proved July Court 1775 - Francis
Marbury & Wife, Tabitha sold to Henry Wade land
on Duncan's Creek - Anson Co. NC -
Francis signed and Tabitha made her mark.
 (This land was originally purchased by Richard Worrell.
  Is it the same tract above sold to Francis Marbury
31 May 1774?  And was it sold in anticipation of
the family moving to Georgia?)

1768 -
Rowan &
Co. NC

Tax Lists
Rowan Co. NC

Deeds - Rowan & Anson

Cos. NC

 Minute Books 

1775 - 1777 time period, Francis
migrated to Augusta (Richmond Co.)
on Savannah River, Georgia.

1775 - Leonard Marbury, son of Francis
& Tabitha, enlisted in the Revolutionary War
in Georgia.
(Date from the Statement of Service when he applied for pension.)
 His pension application of 13 Dec 1832
Haywood Co. TN states:
"...enlisted in the United States
service in the State of Georgia about the
commencement of the revolution under Col.

Leonard Marbury...and marched to the frontier
of Georgia and served eighteen months as a
guard to repel Indian attacks and during this time

he was in an engagement against the Tories
on Savannah River."

1777 - Depositions taken from Leonard's
brother Luke Marbury 17 Apr 1837, who lived in
Bedford Co. TN at the time:
"...that he is now Seventy years old the 5th of Oct next
& that in the year 1777 on about that time he lived with his
father in the State of Georgia & at a period of time when the
British arms was turned against the United States together
with the Toreys & Indians & that he well recollects of his
brother Leonard Marbury a private enlisting under Col.
Leonard Marbury who was a distinguished Republican

Deposition taken from Leonard's sister Eleanor
Moore same day and place:
"made oath that she lived in the State of Georgia about the
year 1777 or about that time, there being a call for men to
defend the frontiers of Georgia...& that she the said Elenar
Moore remembers that Leonard Marbury a private enlisted
for eighteen months term...."

Earlier Deposition taken 26 Sep 1834 from Eleanor:
"She does well recollect seeing Leonard Marbury engaged in
fighting the British & Tory's at Savannah river &
distinctly recollects carrying ammunition to Leonard
Marbury where they were engaged in shooting across the
Savannah river at the British & Tory's whilst the bulets was
flying & whising plentifully - among the Anericans across
the river from the enemy - at this place she says Col.
Leonard Marbury took the British & Tory's prisoners...."

Same Deposition from Eleanor & Luke:
"...they were well acquainted with Leonard Marbury
who then resided in the State of Georgia though the county
they cannot recollect, but remember it was some distance
above Augusta on the Savanah River during the Revolutionary
War when the British & Americans were contending in arms
and that said Luke Marbury saith as near as he can recollect
Leonard Marbury entered the service...under Col. Leonard
Marbury & Capt. Middleton under the promise from the said
Col. L. Marbury that he would be careful of him whilst he was
with him in the services of the United States as a soldier
this then being my impression that it was for the relationship
he bore to my father who was also the reputed father of
Leonard Marbury...Luke aforesaid saith as near as he can
recollect the next time he saw his brother Leonard it was at
a time when a considerable Troop of the British & Tory's
came through the country up to Savannah River destroying
the property of the whigs as they come on where his
father had fled across the river with many others for safety.
It is at this place I next saw my brother Leonard engaged in
fight with the British & Tory's & shooting across the river
at them.  There he saw his brother Leonard shoot at what he
supposed to be a british officer & saw after the gun fired
several of the british run to him & take him off of his horse.
It was afterwards said the officers they was broken.  At this
place Col. Marbury comes up with his Troop of horse & took
prisoners the most of said British & Tory's here at this place.
Luke says his brohter Leonard departed again with the
American army & was no more seen by him till he saw him in
North Carolina where his father had moved to.  There he
testifys his brother Leonard was well received by the true
Whigs of that country."

The above described battle took
place at Middleton Ferry on
Savannah River in
February 1779.  Keep in mind that
Luke & Eleanor would have been young.
Eleanor abt 16, Luke abt 12 years.
Their brother, John of Henry Co. TN,
also gave a deposition that he was in the
same battle with Leonard.
John was abt 10 years old.
It seems the entire family was involved.

 Was this battle and the war activity
the reason Francis Marbury
returned to North Carolina?

1775 -

 Revolutionary War
Pension file No. R6892 -
Includes depositions taken from
Luke Marbury & Eleanore Moore

Back in North Carolina
he's listed receiving a Land Grant.

1779 - Sept. 3 - Land Grants - Francis
Maberry #3981 - SW Peedee
, Anson Co. NC

1779 - Voter List Montgomery Co. NC
Frances Mabra
(Moses Steed on same list)*

1780 - 5 Dec - Leonard Marbury, son  of
Francis & Tabitha, married
Mary Rounsaval in Rowan Co. NC

1782 - Montgomery Co. NC Tax List -
Francis Mabery, invalid, 350 acres -
3 slaves
(Moses & Natheneal Steed listed
same Tax List)*

1783 - 5 Mar - Tabitha Marbury married
Thomas Biles - Rowan Co. NC

1786 - Francis & Tabitha Marbury
 "being of Roan County North Carolina"
sold land on Little Kiokee Creek in
Richmond Co. GA.  Witnesses:
Leonard & Ann Marbury
(This was Col. Leonard and his
wife Ann Somerville Marbury.)

May 1787 - Francis Marbry shown as a buyer
in the Inventory of the
Estate of Benjamin Rounsaval (Jr.)
Rowan Co. NC -
???Lenard Marbry purchased from the same
Estate but we don't know which Leonard.
Probably, Leonard b 1759 the son of Francis.
(Thomas Biles husband of Tabitha Marbury,
also purchased.)

7 Aug 1789 - Catherine & Conrod Frock, Geo. H.
Berger & Joseph Lembley sold to Francis
Marberry 200 acres - Proved by Geo. Bullin -
Rowan Co. NC
"Catherine Frock, as surviving executor of deceased George
Lemley, with her husband, Conrod Frock Esq...lets the
planter, Francis Marbury of Rowan Co. N.C. have 40 acres
next to the line of Joseph Lopewater in the lowgrounds (being
part of 360 acres which Earl Granville let Joseph Lopewater
have on Aug. 26, 1762; also 160 acres on the Yadkin River
on Lord Granville's line (which is part of the 320 acres
sold by Esq. Henry Eustace McCulloh to
George Laimger & Jacob Eller on June 2, 1767, who  let
Michael Murr have it, who let the testator, George Lemly
have it, in all 200 acres with the buildings and improvements,
for 200 pounds, witnessed by ____ & George Bullin &
proved by the latter in Aug. 1789."

1790 Rowan Co. NC Census -
Salisbury Dist. p. 176
Francis Marbury - 4 Free White Males of 16 years
and upwards including heads of families, 3 Free
White Males under 16, 2 Free White Females
including heads of families, 6 slaves

This 1790 Census reveals
the number of individuals in the household at
that time, but we don't know if other children
had married prior to 1790, except Leonard,
Tabitha & Eleanor.   

Leonard b 1759 married Mary Rounsaval
in 1780, Tabitha Marbury married Thomas Biles
in 1783 and Eleanor Marbury married
John Moore in 1786, all in Rowan Co. NC.

So who were the 4 males 16 years and upward, the
3 males under 16 and two females?
Francis would have been head of
household and Tabitha one of the females.

Leonard b 1759 is also listed on this 1790
Census as Leonard Marbrough


(*Note: Penelope Marbury married Philemon
Steed, brother to Moses & Nathaniel.  
Was Penelope a daughter of Francis & Tabitha or a
daughter of Thomas Marbury, Sr. of Edgefield Co. SC?

1779 -
Anson Co. NC,
Co. NC &
Rowan Co.

Anson Co. NC Land Grant

Tax & Voter Lists -
Montgomery Co. NC

Rowan Co. Marriage

Rowan Co. NC Estate
& Inventory Records

Rowan Co. NC Deeds

1790 Rowan Co. NC
Census Records

Leonard Sr. Dies

Augusta (GA) Chronicle

"Died, on the 29th April last, at Capt. Horatio
Marbory's, on the Kiokas, Mr. Lenard Marbury,
Sen. aged ninety-three years - He left three sons,
three daughters and ninety-six grand, great grand,
and great great (grand) children."

The question asked by researchers:
Who were the three sons and three daughers
mentioned in the obituary?
 We think Leonard Sr. actually had four sons:
Francis, Col. Leonard, Thomas & Horatio.
 Could there have been an error in the
number of sons?  Who were the three daughters?
Penelope who married Philemon "Phillip" Steed
is a possibility.


Augusta (GA) Chronicle,
Saturday May 3, 1794 p. 202 -
Obit for Leonard Marbury 

Francis Dies

This is the only shred of evidence we have
as to when Francis died.
(See below scan of court document)

Did he die in Rowan or Montgomery Co.?
Seems the estate was handled in Rowan Co.,
yet Tabitha is listed on the 1800
Montgomery Co. Census.
(Rowan, Anson & Montgomery all connected in
1800.  (See map)
 Montgomery was created from Anson in
1779.  Rowan also came out of Anson in 1753.)

Co.'s NC

1. Rowan Co. NC Court
Minutes - pp. 43 - 44

When did Tabitha Die?

In 1800 Tabitha was head of household age
45 & over and had one male 16 - 26
(son Jacob Marbury?)
In 1810 she's listed as Tabatha Marbery
age 45 & over  with 5 slaves
After this Census, nothing more is known of her.


1800 Montgomery Co. NC

1810 Montgomery Co. NC

Court Document

1800 Rowan Co. NC Court Minutes
p. 43 - 44

This document is almost unreadable but it does prove that
Francis Marbury died in Rowan Co. NC abt 1800.

To the best of my ability to read it, this is what it states:

Court  met

Novm 8th
Present   Richm'd Pearson, Matt Bostain By ___ Yates, Esqrs.
former Jury appeared for Audlin Moore
      John Barton Sen.?
         Luke Marbuary & Jn. Moore Evidence for Chas.
Moore & Hu Horah vs Francis Marbury Est. ____
& forfitted issue Scifa

Minutes Court ordered  Nov'm 1800
Francis Marbrys Est vs Chas Moore & Hu Horah

Jury hereby? Sworn
L?-4-3-6 & costs

"Francis and Tabitha Marbury lived at the junction of the Dutch Second
Creek and the Yadkin River in Rowan Co. NC at the time of the 1790
Census and were living there until at least 1795 when they sold these lands.
Tabitha Marbury is listed in the 1800 Census of Montgomery Co. NC as
head of household and it is presumed that Francis had died before 1800.
Francis and Tabitha sold lands in Richmond (now Columbia) Co. GA on the
Little Kiokee Creek in 1786 and they are referred to as being of 'Roan
County North Carolina' in the deed.  This deed was witnessed by Leonard
and Ann Marbury who I believe are Col. Leonard Marbury, Jr. and his wife
Ann Sommerville - this Col. Leonard Marbury probably being the brother
of Francis Marbury of Rowan Co. NC, although this has not been proven."
                                         ~John Lee Marberry

Believed Children of Francis & Tabitha Marbury

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Name Born Died Married Spouse Places
Leonard 4 Apr
24 Jan 1839
Co. AR
5 Dec
Co. NC
Rowan Co. NC,
Montgomery Co.
NC, Buncombe
Co. NC, Warren
Co. TN, Haywood
Co. TN, Sevier
Co. AR
Eleanor 17 Dec
or NC
9 Dec 1851
Co. TN
Moriah Cem
4 Oct
Co. NC
John Moore Rowan Co. NC,
Co. NC, Bedford
Co. TN
Tabitha abt
or NC
Aft 1840
Co. NC*
8 Mar
Co. NC
Biles, Jr.

Rowan Co. NC,
Montgomery Co.
& Stanley Co.

Luke 5 Oct
or NC

Co. TN
28 Dec
Co. NC

Rowan Co. NC,

Montgomery Co.
NC & Bedford
Co. TN

John 1769
1850 -
Co. TN?
(1) 1790 -

Co. NC?
6 Jun
Co. TN?
(1) Saphira

(2) Tabitha

(3) Ann E.

Rowan Co. NC,
Montgomery Co.
NC, Bedford?,
Stewart &
Henry Co. TN

1774 -
NC or
aft 1820 (1) 1792 -
Co. NC
(2) 24 Oct
Co. NC
(1) Rebecca
(2) "Presay"


Rowan Co.

Co. NC,

Bedford Co.
TN, Stewart
Co. TN
7 May
TN? bef 1813
or KY
Nancy NC,
Cocke Co. TN,
Warren Co. TN
Jacob 1775 -
NC or
Co. TN
1800 -
Rowan Co. NC?,
Co. NC,
Roane Co. TN?,
Stewart Co. TN,

Henry Co. TN

Evolution of the Marbury/Marberry Surname
by Robert T. Marbury

The variations in the spelling of the Marbury surname in the United States
resulted over the years from a number of influences all of which have
contributed to confusion in researching the Marbury name.

We have to put some blame on our own ancestors for not settling on a consistent
spelling and passing it down. It seems probable that the three "R"s were not
always emphasized in some lines of the family. The hand-writing quality also
caused misinterpretation over time. If you look at Marbury written in cursive,
when written sloppily, the 'u' often looks like an 'e' and an 'r',
or the 'u' looks like an 'a'.

Since our predecessors did not pass the spelling along to their children,
the recorders of history in the schools, churches, courthouses, military,
etc. were forced to use a phonic spelling of how the surname sounded
to them. There is a lack of consistent spelling in recorded documents
dating back to Francis Marbury (b. 1663) where such spellings as Marbuery
can be found. Francis and Tabitha Marbury's (of North Carolina) oldest
surviving son Leonard's (b. 1759) descendants and suspected descendants
seem to have kept the Marbury spelling while their other suspected male
sons for the most part took on the Marberry spelling.

Col. Leonard's family in Louisiana seems to have also kept the Marbury spelling.

As our families moved southward and westward through Virginia, North Carolina,
and Georgia, and into Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi,
Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, and beyond, their accents and speech patterns
evolved. The Southern accent undoubtedly played a big part in the transition
over time. Phonic spelling resulted in a multitude of recorded variations
including, but not limited to, Marbary, Marbery, Marbry, Marbray, Marbrey
and probably the most common surviving spelling Marberry, all of which exist today.

My personal opinion is that the name used to be pronounced 'marbree' as I have
seen early records that have a number of records with spellings of Marbry,
Marbrey, and Marbray. However, I admit to be influenced in this because this
is the way my family has always pronounced it. The bottom line is that it doesn't
really matter how the spelling or the pronunciation got that way.
What matters is that we are all connected and with a little luck
and a lot of sharing we can figure out how.

NC Map

North Carolina At The Beginning of 1800
The 3 counties underlined in red are Rowan (top),
Montgomery (middle), Anson (bottom)

Sources for

Francis & Tabitha

"Tithables-Loudoun County, VA 1758 - 1769"
by Ruth & Sam Sparacio
,The Antient Press

"Abstracts of The Minutes of The Court of
Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Rowan Co. N.C.
1763 - 1774" by Jo White Linn

Deed Bk. K, p. 258 Anson Co. NC

Deed Bk. K, p. 351 Anson Co. NC

"Anson County, North Carolina Abstracts of
Early Records" Abstracts of County Court
Minutes, 1771 - 1777, Land Grants,
Legislative Papers, Tax Lists 1789 - 1782
Montgomery Co. (NC) Records
 by McBee

Revolutionary War Depositions
(Leonard Marbury b 1759)
taken from
Eleanor Moore, Luke & John Marbury.

24 Dec 1933 - Henry Co. TN
26 Sep 1834 - Bedford Co. TN
18 Apr 1837 - Bedford Co. TN

(Note: If you, like most of us, have
interpreted the Henry Co. Deposition
of John Marbury as Maury Co.,
please make the correction in your
research.  Robert T. Marbury has
proven it was Henry Co.  This erronic
tidbit has been passed around for years
and caused much wasted effort for all of us.)

Revolutionary War Pension Papers R6892
National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Leonard Marbury

"Abstracts of The Minutes of The Court of
Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Rowan Co. N.C.
1775 - 1789" by Jo White Linn

1790 Rowan Co. NC Census p. 176
1800 Montgomery Co. NC Census p. 519
1810 Montgomery Co. NC Censu p. 592

North Carolina Genealogical Society
Journal - Vol. X, No. 1 - Feb. 1984,
Vol. IX, No. 2 - May 1983

The North Carolinian - Vol. 17, 1971 -
The Rowan Co. Tax Lists, 1760's

Book A, p. 23 & 24 Rowan Co. NC
Estate Inventories

Francis Marbury Will - January 1, 1734
Prince George's Co. MD

Marriage Bond - Leonard Marbury
& Mary Rounsevell - 5 December 1780
Rowan Co. NC

Marriage Bond - Tabitha Marbury
& Thomas Biles (Jr.) - 5 March 1783
Rowan Co. NC

Marriage Bond - Elenor Marbrey
& John Moore
- 4 October 1786
Rowan Co. NC

"Abstracts of Wills & Estate Records of
Rowan Co. NC 1753 - 1805 & Tax Lists of
1759 - 1778" by Jo White Linn

"Record of Lucas William Marberry and
His Descendants" by Ethel Cummins -
Published 1980

John Lee Marberry Research
Robert T. Marbury Research
Velda V. Johnson Research

Revolutionary War Pension File
W3928 - Thomas Biles (Jr.)

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