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MARCH 2004

ICM Research interviewed a random sample of 500 Muslim adults aged 18+ by telephone on 3rd-11th March 2004. Interviews were conducted across the country and the results have been weighted to the profile of all adults.

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General Election Turnout.
10 - Absolutely certain to vote 36%
9 4%
8 6%
7 5%
6 4%
5 13%
4 3%
3 2%
2 2%
1 - Certain not to vote 19%
Don't know 5%
General Election Voting Intention.

Base: All expressing an intention to vote.

  Labour 38%
  Conservative 25%
  Liberal Democrat 36%
  Other 2%
Q1. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the job Tony Blair is doing as Prime Minister?
Satisfied 17%
Dissatisfied 75%
Don't know 8%
Q2. From what you have seen and heard, do you think the war against Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein  was justified or unjustified?
Justified 10%
Unjustified 80%
Don't know 10%
Q3. When do you think that Britain and American troops should pull out of Iraq?
Now 61%
In six months 11%
Stay as long as considered necessary 20%
Don't know 8%
Q4. When the United States Government says it wants to create an independent sovereign democratic state in Iraq, do you believe them?
Believe them 9%
Do not believe them 82%
Don't know 9%
Q5. President Bush and Tony Blair have said war against terrorism is not a war against Islam. Do you agree or disagree?
Agree 20%
Disagree 68%
Don't know 12%
Q6. Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat MP said she condemned all forms of violence, but if she had to live in the same situation as a Palestinian she might consider becoming a suicide bomber herself. Do you agree or disagree with her?
Agree 47%
Disagree 43%
Don't know 10%
Q7. Would you regard further attacks by Al Qaeda, or similar organisations on the USA as justified or unjustified?
Justified 13%
Unjustified 73%
Don't know 15%
Q8. Do you think Britain's anti-terrorist laws are used fairly or do you feel they are used unfairly against the Muslim community? 
Fairly 18%
Unfairly 64%
Don't know 18%
Q9. Have you experienced any hostility or abuse towards you personally in the UK or any member of your family from non-Muslims because of your religion?
Yes 33%
No 67%
Don't know *%
Q10. Comparing the period since the start of the Iraq War in March 2003 with the situation before that date, do you think that relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in Britain have got better, worse or stayed about the same? 
Got better 6%
Stayed about the same 34%
Got worse 55%
Don't know 5%
Q11. Do you think the Muslim community in Britain needs to do more to integrate into mainstream British culture, has it got it about right or has it integrated too much already? 
Needs to do more 33%
About right 28%
Too much already 26%
Don't know 13%
Q12. The government has introduced new citizenship measures for those who want to take British nationality. Do you approve or disapprove of the new citizenship ceremonies with a modern oath of allegiance to Britain? 
Approve 36%
Disapprove 46%
Don't know 18%
Q13. If you had the choice would you send a child of your own to a state school or a Muslim school? 
State school 44%
Muslim school 45%
Neither 3%
Don't know 8%
Q14. Thinking about the number of Muslims that you see represented in British public life, do you think that there too few, about the right number or too many....

In Parliament as an MP or peer in the House of Lords 

Too few 70%
About the right number 14%
Too many 8%
Don't know 8%
On television as an actor, presenter or reporter 
Too few 65%
About the right number 23%
Too many 3%
Don't know 8%
In public life generally
Too few 52%
About the right number 35%
Too many 5%
Don't know 7%
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